What is your favorite part of being a budtender?

I enjoy helping out the folks who need it most, and seeing their appreciation immediately. This is also the first time when I’ve enjoyed doing homework for a job. Our “homework” is to test out new products so that we are knowledgeable and can answer guest questions.

What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being a budtender?

I was most surprised by the different people that come in from all different backgrounds cultures, countries etc. I thought all “stoners” were the same. Guess not!

What is your favorite cannabis product?

I have a few but my current favorites are: Gas Mask, Holy Grail Kush, Animal Cookies (whenever we have it). I really like all the flower, indica dominant hybrids.

What is your favorite activity while high?

I like to go on hikes and play video games. Though I do enjoy a good stretch while high as well - It is magical. If I smoke a sativa, then I’m probably going to be cleaning my place for a while.

What cannabis product/experience do you want to try next?

More concentrates and vape cartridges. I’ve tried a lot of flavors, but I really am interested in the oils and the whether they can be as enjoyable as weed in flower form.

What is the biggest benefit to cannabis in your opinion?

For me, at least, it’s definitely something that helps keep me grounded and is has a meditative effect. It is a form of catharsis from the problems of the world, a way to focus inward – internally - instead of on the daily grind. It helps put my problems in perspective with those of the whole world and in doing that, it relieves me of them and puts a smile on my face.