What is your favorite part of being a budtender?

Getting to meet new people and coaching them through this fascinating cannabis world. For most people, legalization of weed is a dream come true - their eyes light up like stars. It is my pleasure to lead them in the right direction, providing them with a premier product and having the confidence and knowledge to back it up.

What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being a budtender?

I was surprised by the amount of people willing to share their personal journeys with cannabis. From what I’ve learned over the years people are very reserved about their experiences. Now that marijuana is legal I feel proud to chat, share and have lengthy conversations with every day people.  Sharing views, concerns, experiences and values on a daily basis. I love my job and I cannot see myself being any happier to be involved in a passionate fun industry.

What is your favorite cannabis product?

Flower! If I HAD to choose one strain, it would be most likely to be a haze of some sort. Fun, giggly, energetic, and motivated. If I was to choose a non-flower substitute it would be the Proper Chocolate by Spot. This delicious, almost “York Peppermint Patty” is not only relaxing for the body, but also fun and uplifting. The perfect amount for me is 10mg, being that it’s a hybrid. I could eat it at night to mellow out or even on a morning hike (something to give me that positive boost).

What is your favorite activity while high?

That’s easy! Eating! Lol! Besides eating, I love to get a good workout in - whether it be hard core circuit training or swimming. The thought provoking strains really let my mind wander and at the same time keep my body engaged and focused. Picking the right strain for the specific occasion is the key to any successful activity!

What cannabis product/experience do you want to try next?

For me, concentrates are calling my name. I would love to experiment more with all types of rigs and methods of consumption. This is uncharted territory for the majority of guests that walk through the door. I want to explain to them in detail how/why I like a certain method/strain. I’ve only just begun my journey through this forever evolving concentrates world.

What is the biggest benefit to cannabis in your opinion?

Cannabis has added so much positivity to my life. Whether it be used for pleasure, to enhance libido, a sound sleep, relaxation, for fun, creative thinking, to help cure nausea or to help create an active lifestyle. It’s an anti-inflammatory and targets joint and muscle pain. The list of benefits goes on….