What is your favorite part of working at The Novel Tree?

The atmosphere my coworkers create every day is positive and supportive. The Novel Tree has made me feel safe and at home since my first interview. There is constant talk going around to help educate one another as well. 

What was most surprising thing you discovered about being in the 'weed industry'?

Being in the 'weed industry' allowed me to discover just how beneficial cannabis can be with the proper use and education. I have heard too many success stories to doubt the abilities of cannabis.

What is your favorite cannabis product?

I prefer the flower of cannabis over other products but I am eager and curious to try more. Tasting high-end strains can be just like a high-end wine tasting.

What is your favorite activity while high? 

I enjoy finding a  small trail to walk along with some goo music on, or having a group of talkative friends engaging in interesting conversations. 

what cannabis product/experience do you want to try next? 

Now that I understand the proper dosage one should have I am ready to get the full experience edibles have to offer. 

What is the biggest benefit to cannabis in your opinion? 

I believe cannabis is a valuable asset in my life and others' because it is practically a "cure-all". If used properly it can help people stay motivated and productive while tacking their to do list, or it can calm people down, help you sleep etc. Cannabis can medically benefit almost everyone by being provided recreationally and most importantly safely. Education is key!