The Novel Tree was founded by wife & husband team of Allie & Chris in 2013. The Bellevue recreational cannabis shop was opened in November 2014, and the medical dispensary expansion was recently opened in May 2017. Inspiration behind the idea for The Novel Tree sparked on a trip to Amsterdam ~10years ago. Sitting in the coffee shop puffing a nicely hand-rolled joint across from two older gentlemen playing chess (also smoking joints) immediately changed Chris' perception of what it meant to use cannabis. Chris has been visualizing onsite consumption lounges that embrace all adult community members in the PNW ever since. Allie was introduced to cannabis via Chris. Her 10+ years in local upscale guest service environments like John Howie Steak, Daniel's, Toulouse Petit & more, developed a passion for and skill of creating extraordinary guest experiences. Together as owner-operators, Allie & Chris share a love of cannabis and aspire to share the benefits widely with guests daily.