Alien Candy from Green Island Growers!


When we visited Green Island Growers on San Juan Island in September, we witnessed this Indica hybrid strain at the peak of its sun-grown splendor. Just days later, it was harvested with care by Levi and Anna, the couple who own and operate the farm. After the careful drying and curing process, the Alien Candy has landed at The Novel Tree! Stop in today and get your hands on some of Washington’s best buds.

Notes from the Budtenders:

"This one is a creeper but super relaxing when it kicks in. Seriously solid strain and farm. It was smooth, potent, and holds up against indoor grown…" - Sam

"Very heady. Nice & relaxing. Mellow in a good way…” - Amber

Notes from the Growers:

“An Indica-dominant hybrid, not the same as Alien Rock Candy which it is often mistaken for. It’s a cross between Alien technologies (a landrace Indica from Afghanistan) and Cotton Candy. It has a very distinctive smell, I would describe it as a fuel/diesel smell, spicy, earthy, sour.  Very unique, and one of the most fragrant strains we have ever dealt with, or seen in general. Heavy trichomes, THC usually in the mid 20's.” - Levi


Croptober Trip to Green Island Growers

Greeted by a glorious sunrise at the Anacortes ferry terminal, we knew we were in for an incredible trip out to the Green Island Growers cannabis farm on San Juan Island.

The Novel Tree’s Purchasing Manager Aaron walks through fragrant fields of cannabis at Green Island Growers. Seeing firsthand the origin of the flower we receive is very rewarding, especially on such a beautiful day.

The Novel Tree’s Purchasing Manager Aaron walks through fragrant fields of cannabis at Green Island Growers. Seeing firsthand the origin of the flower we receive is very rewarding, especially on such a beautiful day.

Sun-grown cannabis: This time west of the cascades

This Croptober was vastly different than the last in the fact that we had the spectacular chance to see a cannabis grow in a more temperate climate, let alone an island in the Puget Sound. Depending on what region you live in, you must be very adaptive when considering growing cannabis outdoors. Cannabis strains are very particular and have many variables to consider in order to grow the strain successfully including climate, water, soil, genetics and other factors.

Aboard our ferry in the Puget Sound on the way to San Juan Island. Not a bad way to start the day!

Aboard our ferry in the Puget Sound on the way to San Juan Island. Not a bad way to start the day!

Growing cannabis on the west side of the Cascade mountains, growers have plenty of rich soil and bountiful fresh water from the naturally wet environment to satisfy the plant’s nutritional needs. Since the climate is favorable, that means they have more options when it comes to choosing strains to cultivate as it best matches the type of environment that the cannabis plant thrives in. 

On the ferry with our binoculars out, we gazed over the calm waters in admiration at the stunning islands that we weaved our way through while also hoping for the chance to see any sign of wild marine life. Orca whales are well known to appear along this route. The charming town of Friday Harbor came into our sight before us as we docked and once on the island, we made our way through the countryside to the Green Island Growers farm. Upon driving up, it looked very discreet, like a private hidden gem among the rolling hills. Levi, Owner and operator of Green Island Growers along with his wife Anna, was there to welcome us straight away.

Paradise Found

Getting close up shots of the Alien Candy strain just hours before harvest, with the aid of a friendly helper :)

Getting close up shots of the Alien Candy strain just hours before harvest, with the aid of a friendly helper :)

As soon as we stepped into the outdoor grow, we were amazed at the stunning view of the Olympic mountains, gentle slopes and the rows of beautifully flourishing cannabis plants. There was no doubt that Levi and Anna had one of the best views you could ask for while cultivating their crop. While walking through the outdoor grow, Levi filled us in on the strains that we had the lucky chance to see. Among them were Chemdog, Platinum Phantom, Alien Candy and a few others that they were trying out, experimenting with how they fared outdoors as opposed to indoors. All the gorgeous trichomes and different intricate colors and smells of each strain were a feast for the senses. 

Being a fairly small family-owned and operated farm, Levi and Anna are very involved and hands on with the grow, overseeing every aspect of the cannabis plant’s growth stages. Since they are located on the San Juan Islands where the weather can be very different than its close counterpart, Seattle, the location is just another reason why Green Island Growers is unique. The Olympic Rain Shadow creates favorable conditions in this part of the state, preventing much of the precipitation so commonly associated with areas around western Washington. The San Juan Islands also receive far more sunny days on average than the King County area, making it optimal for growing outdoors! 

Just the tip of the iceberg. Beautiful sun- grown buds abound.

Just the tip of the iceberg. Beautiful sun- grown buds abound.

Naturally Grown Cannabis

Green Island Growers sticks to their principles of growing their cannabis as naturally as possible which means they don’t use any pesticides, except for the occasional beneficial insects such as ladybugs. As Levi said, they are lucky enough to not have many circumstances where they are needed as him and his wife are in the grow inspecting each and every plant on a daily basis. Living next door to your grow definitely has its advantages!

When asked about what sparked their drive to be in the cannabis industry, Levi explained that because of being raised in San Juan county where voters said yes to i-502 by the largest margin in the entire state, he was immersed in a cannabis-positive community. Always believing in legalization and being so passionate about the plant and growing cannabis, they decided to go for it and build what is now Green Island Growers. For the premium indoor grow, they have a sealed, climate-controlled environment and are hands on in every aspect from hand watering to hand picking to hand trimming. As for their outdoor grow, the plants are placed directly into the San Juan Valley soil to soak up all the valley sun and then harvested and brought into the facility to start the next stage; drying and curing. 

Alien Candy is a cross between Alien Technology and Cotton Candy strains.

Alien Candy is a cross between Alien Technology and Cotton Candy strains.

The perfect cure

The curing process is so vital as it strongly affects many aspects including the potency of the strain, the flavor and the quality of the smoke. Finding the perfect combination of all the different variables like temperature, humidity and how long it is cured for can make all the difference in the quality of your buds. Green Island Growers say they have perfected this process, and it shows.

San Juan Select cannabis

Green Island Growers cultivates indoor-grown cannabis during the winter months when growing outside isn’t possible. After checking out the outdoor grow, we went inside to see their preparation for the upcoming cold months. Along the way, checked out their drying and curing process for the outdoor flower, getting a remarkable whiff of the Alien Candy that was going through its final touches. We were all amazed at the pungent skunky and diesel aroma that wafted from the room as we walked up the stairs to get a sneak peek at the beautiful buds and bags full of Kief. Levi and Anna have future plans for Green Island Growers, there are many possibilities for the growth of the company, and they are very excited about their premium indoor grown cannabis that has been released as San Juan Select. 

We are eager to see this year’s harvest come through and can’t wait to see Green Island Growers progress as an outstanding outdoor and indoor grow in the ever changing and expanding cannabis industry. 

by Kelly Sheehan  

Verdelux Edibles and Topicals

Luxury cannabis-infused edibles and topicals available at The Novel Tree.

Looking for a wide variety of edibles? Verdelux has you covered.

Looking for a wide variety of edibles? Verdelux has you covered.

Made in Bellingham, Washington, Verdelux produces a huge line of luxury cannabis-infused edibles and topicals. Their focus in on creating the world’s finest marijuana products in small batches with an emphasis on quality and consistency.



Solid chocolates and chewy caramels infused with 10mg of THC in each piece, with CBD varieties too. Every BonBomb is gluten free and all chocolate is fair trade certified. Vegan? Try the Raspberry Dark Chocolate!



Chewy, soft and perfectly sweet jellies with 10mg of THC infused into each piece. Looking for CBD? Try the Ginger Peach variety! Lucky for us all, every Lush Jelly is gluten free and vegan.



Hard candies infused with 10mg of CBD or THC. Available in single pieces and 10 packs, each lumen is gluten free and vegan. Illuminations are lovingly hand-made in the tradition of Victorian confectioners.



Dope Cup winning CBD and THC infused cannabis topical. Made with organic coconut oil, beeswax, organic olive oil, essential oils and marijuana extract.

Grape Bubba: Exclusive Strain!

House of Cultivar hooked up The Novel Tree with the entire batch of this limited-edition Indica

Keep an eye out for future exclusive strains!

Keep an eye out for future exclusive strains!

Deep green leaves with strands of purple, yes!

Deep green leaves with strands of purple, yes!

The budtenders had preview samples of the Grape Bubba cannabis strain and the reviews are in!

“Awesome strain from HOC! I rolled a .75g joint and smoked it all in one sesh. The high hit me right in between the eyes at first and before settling into my chest. I found myself extremely relaxed and quite apathetic. This is a perfect gamer strain or one to enjoy when settling in for the evening. Awesome stuff overall, and I look forward to buying some when I get the chance!” - James

“The sweetness was amazing. It tasted incredible in my Pax 3, very sweet smell with a hint of gas. Very relaxing without being sedating. Strong enough without being too intense. An absolutely delightful way to end the day.” - Matt K.

“I really enjoyed the product. It hit smoothly and tasted really good. I really wanted to be outside afterwards but I was also really focused on my task at hand. I felt very aware of my space and what was going on around me. I felt present in time. All my worries went away, I felt no paranoia and it was a great high. Didn't make me too sleepy, and in fact had an initial boost of wanting to be more active. I liked that.” - Amber

From House of Cultivar’s Head Grower Sean Callahan:


“Grape Bubba is a solid indica strain that will have you relaxing thoroughly at the end of a long day. A cross of two classic purple indica strains Grand Daddy Purple and Bubba Kush. Your olfactory senses will be overpowered with almost sweet wine grape notes combined with an earthy kush flavor. Beautiful dark purple colors dominate sticky golf ball size buds that are absolutely coated in trichomes. She’s short but stocky with fat purple leaves that look absolutely beautiful contrasting against silvery shine of the trichomes. A fun plant to grow that definitely requires more attention than most, but the payoff at harvest is more than worth the effort.”



What is your favorite part of working at the Novel Tree? 

The people! Wow, what a crew :)

What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being in the “weed industry”? 

5mg of THC can get someone crazy high.

What is your favorite cannabis product? 

Tasty flower!!

What is your favorite activity while high? 

Video games, movies.

What Cannabis product/experience do you want to try next?

1 gram RSO.

What is the biggest benefit to cannabis in your opinion? 

Cannabis can be many things for many people. Its versatility is amazing.

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