2015 End of Year Wrap-Up

The Novel Tree owners - Allie and Chris

The Novel Tree owners - Allie and Chris

What a weederful year it has been! We cannot believe how awesome 2015 was for cannabis lifestyle in the NW!

Isn’t it wonderful to be living in an area where cannabis is not criminalized? We sometimes forget that what we do would get us locked up not only in different countries, but even across the state line in Idaho. Forget about it in Louisiana, where exchanging small amounts of cannabis can get you a cellmate for life. Why even bother in SE Asia where production and distribution can get you a quick pass to the afterlife. And for what? Some sweet or sour ganja used in most cases to relax, be social, help medicinally, or even deeper life and relationship issues?! Man, if the rest of the world could see what we see every day…

Many of The Novel Tree members team claim this is the best job and workplace experience they have ever had. Made part by our guests - whose conversations, insights, and jokes keep our days fresh and upbeat. We believe that the cannabis community is one of the friendliest, most thoughtful, peaceful, generous, and grateful groups of people you could find, and that’s backed by direct evidence of over 100,000 guests served since our opening in November 2014. A big thank you to you! If the rest of the world saw what we do every day, cannabis would be legal across the globe.

Over 100,000 guests served since our opening in November 2014

One of our other favorite parts of last year has been the diversity of products. Holy cow! Hundreds of unique strains or one strain from hundreds of unique growers, it has been epic sampling them all! The creative pioneers in the Washington state edible market blow our minds on the daily. Have you tried hot cocoa, breath strips, mints, and every type of chocolate and candy… with weed?! And we’re not shy about a diction makeover sweeping the NW that redefines what it means to bond with your lover. To you all, we salute!

This year we are stoked to announce a few industry accolades. For the 2015 Washington State Dope Magazine Industry Awards, The Novel Tree claimed Best Store Atmosphere and Best Edible Selection. We are proud to have won and will continue to do our best to curate and present the best every day. Many, many thanks to everyone who voted, and also to those that didn’t vote but still sent good vibes. We have also reached the Top 10 of the Leafly List nine consecutive months since it first started last April. Sweet!! Thanks for all of the positive reviews - we’re so happy we can provide these experiences!


The Novel Tree is ending 2015 with some advice from our accountant “clear your shelves”. So we’re marking down products across the board to abide. We may run short on some items on the 30th and 31st, so we suggest stocking up ahead of time unless your strategy is finding the biggest mark-downs on remaining last-minute goodies on the 31st. Either way you shop, don’t fear, we will be reloading on everyone’s favorites the first few days of 2016 with a few new releases.


Our resolution for 2016 is to keep doin’ what we’re doin’, and continuing to progress our standards. Our values of quality of product and guest-first service remain unchanged. We have a number projects in the works that we can’t wait to share with you, so stay tuned!

From all of us at The Novel Tree,

Happy Holidays and Cheers to 2016!