The Novel Tree's One Year Anniversary and Sale

The Novel Tree will be celebrating our one year anniversary this coming weekend and we are so thankful for all of the support we’ve received from the community! We are here to help tailor our products to fit the experience you're looking for. We hope that you have enjoyed the quality products that The Novel Tree carries and that our team has provided you with exceptional service. We value and appreciate your honest feedback and we are constantly striving to improve and shape our business to fit our customer’s needs!

To thank all of our wonderful guests we are having a huge sale this weekend, November 6th through November 8th, with a large selection of discounted products. In addition during the sale we are also accepting food donations to benefit Northwest Harvest, Washington's own statewide hunger relief agency. Their mission is to provide nutritious food to hungry people statewide in a manner that respects their dignity, while fighting to eliminate hunger. The Novel Tree strives to continually give back to the supportive community that has embraced us with open arms so will be offering a $1 joint to customers that bring in a donation of non-perishable food items.

Thank you again for your continued support and for choosing The Novel Tree. We hope to see you soon.

Thank you for making our first year an amazing one!

We want to thank everyone that came out to support The Novel Tree this past year! We truly hope that it has been as exciting for you as it has for us. It has been an honor to serve you.

The inspiration for TNT started years ago at an out of the way coffee shop in Amsterdam where I found myself surrounded by old timers playing chess or reading the paper, puffing on hand-rolled ganja from behind the bar while mellow tunes played in the background. I had been smoking herb for years prior but never in such a relaxing public environment. Back home, scoring some weed always had an element of life-changing risk because of the laws. But there in Amsterdam, at least a decade ago, it was so much more toned down and peaceful. This is not a crime. This is a pastime that is cherished and respected for its wonderful and powerful effects. It became my far-fetched dream to be able to recreate that experience with cannabis in the NW.

November 2, 2014: my fiancé Allie and I open the doors for the first time and hope our approach to recreational cannabis would be embraced by our community. The two of us co-founded The Novel Tree on only a few basic principles: world class guest service, education, sustainability, and quality. The public response has been more positive than we could have imagined. We are SO thankful to be able to connect with so many awesome people from down the street as well as across the globe. From our beloved regulars who brighten up all of our teams' days, to the first timers eager to take their first poofs, to the tourists seeking cannabis asylum in the NW- we love you all! This has been the best year of our lives.

This weekend, November 6th through the 8th, will be our anniversary weekend to give thanks to you. This weekend will be about hook-ups and giving back! Here are a few highlights:

  • Food drive with Northwest Harvest - bring in a (or many) non-perishable food item to receive a $1 preroll (limit 1 per guest per day)
  • $10 grams on all of our house favorite strains- this includes strains from Top Shelf, Raven Grass, NW Recreational, SGOW, Zion Botanicals, Kiona THC, Blue Roots, and more!
  • Edibles starting at $5
  • Huge savings on concentrates and cartridges
  • Here's one for ya: earlier this year we stored away OG Buddha Tahoe and Purple Jolly Rancher from Bang's Cannabis Co. as a curing experiment. They have been in their glass jars in a dark, cool hidden spot at the shop, just waiting for a special occasion such as this. We will be releasing 10 2g jars of each this weekend starting Friday morning. Limit 1 per guest. First come first serve.
  • 25% off all Local Blend glass
  • 50% off the high-end, one of a kind functional glass art pieces. This includes the Scoz dragons, Creep Seahawk Totems & Birds, Crondo sherlocks, and Robin Hood rigs.
  • 5% of pre-tax revenue allocated to a local charity

Cannabis culture has come a very long way in the last five years, and the momentum continues to snowball like a big nug rolling down a mountain of kief. We can't say enough about how special this first year of operations has been. We remain independently owned and operated, and are committed to staying that way. We look forward to serving you years into the future.

We owe big "Thank You's" to our families for all the support, our friends for dealing with neglect since we work 24/7, our friend and GM Jeff for being the ultimate business quarterback, our team for doing such an incredible job every single day, and NicoBear for always keeping the moral up - woof woof. Thank you all!

Highest regards,
Chris McAboy & Allie Charneski
Founders and Owners of The Novel Tree