A Celebration of Cannabis


Our mission is to partner with the highest quality cannabis producer processors across the state who keep the end user in mind. We strive to keep our prices low for the recreational and medical marijuana market. Since opening in November 2014, The Novel Tree is the best marijuana shop to find the best cannabis products. The reason we exist is to provide a platform for our customers to sample the best weed in the world.  The Novel Tree is proud to represent cannabis in its best light. The cannabis products we source are grown ethically and traded fairly. We value the grow process as much as the final product. All of our cannabis products undergo strict state-enforced testing, and our Novel Tree team testing is what gets products on the shelves. We avoid partnering with farms that rely on anything other than natural pesticides. The Novel Tree purchasing team operates a thorough vetting process for any new cannabis vendors seeking a sale. Initial step is a face-to-face meeting, detailed questionnaires about their people, product, and processes, and eventually sampling the final cannabis product. Although we're extremely picky cannabis users, once we find a match we are dedicated partners who strongly value our working relationships. For the few vendors that do make it onto our shelves we stay in constant contact to provide customer and team feedback, work towards consistent supply, and generally do everything we can to help them improve. Visiting cannabis farms is one of our favorite activities. The cannabis farm tours occur frequently to learn more about our partners and see the beautiful ganja plants for ourselves. There is nothing quite like stepping into a fully legal marijuana grow room. The feeling of being surrounded by a few thousand square-feet of ganja plants in full flower is almost as sensational as the consumption effects.


"Our owners are stoners." Novel Tree owner Chris has sampled flower and oil from nearly all of the I-502 producer/processors since 2014 and continues to run daily quality control checks. He's nuts about organics, landrace strains, and nerds out on new Cookie cuts. He is very passionate about the experience of consumption in respect to all senses and effects.

The Novel Tree takes great consideration when selecting cannabis farms and processors to partner with. We look for integrity, quality, and vision. Check out our full list of partners!