What is your favorite part of working at the Novel Tree? 

The education in cannabis. I’ve learned so much from The Novel Tree and have continued to learn from my knowledgeable and supportive coworkers.

What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being in the “weed industry”? 

How many different ways there are to get high. There is so much more than just flower; there’s lotions, tinctures, vapes, edibles and capsules. The new devices are so amazing as well, I remember when the magic flight box came out and how cool it was, and still is. I love learning about all the new products.

What is your favorite cannabis product? 

My dab rig and the Brights waxes by Leafwerx.

What is your favorite activity while high? 

Playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons with my friends.

What Cannabis product/experience do you want to try next?

I really want to get a Puffco Peak electric dag rig. It has a better temperature control so you have a perfect hit every time.

What is the biggest benefit to cannabis in your opinion? 

The health benefits, specifically pain management. I have seen firsthand through my immediate family how beneficial cannabis can be. My loved ones now have a safe and healthy way to manage chronic pain. Cannabis gave them back their quality of life.