Aurum Farms


Craft, small batch cannabis grown for the discerning palate

Staying true to the ideals of care and craftsmanship, Aurum farms grows 100% pesticide-free cannabis indoors, and it’s “Good as Gold.” A relative newcomer to The Novel Tree, Aurum has a solid foothold among the other small grow brands we offer. Quality over quantity, the limited runs we receive always fly off the shelf quickly! It’s the kind of bud that makes it’s presence known immediately upon delivery, extremely dank and potent.

Aurum Farms is located in Lyman, Washington along the famed and beautiful North Cascades Highway. They harvest one strain every two weeks in their small, indoor grow house. Aurum prides themselves on natural growing practices, using no harsh chemicals or pesticides. Their unique curing process results in a great terpene profile with especially fragrant buds.

Strains grown by Aurum Farms:

Kosher Kush, White Tahoe Cookies, Tropicana Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies, Grape Bubba, Sunset Sherbert, Lemon G, White Fire #3, Gelato 33, Chem I95, Triple OG, Wedding Cake, GMO, GG4.