Bang's Cannabis


To say that Bang's grows stellar marijuana is true, it is the basis of their company, but it is the heart behind their gardening that has become their reason for being. 

Bang's started as an idea, a dream really, that one day Marijuana prohibition would end and Bang's fine strains would be offered to all who prefer marijuana for all ranges and dimensions of highs and uses. 

Bang's Cannabis Company has positioned itself to become a nationally recognized brand specializing in offering high-quality, chemically pure marijuana products. Committed to the environment, community and employees, Bang's is among the first of the licensed Washington State producers and processors and is fully dedicated to compliance to the rules and standards of the Liquor Control Board. With quality that is second to none, Bang's believes that while cannabis can have medicinal properties, it should be available for legal use by responsible adults.

Taking pride in every plant, Bang's will bring you THE bang every time.