The Best CBD in Bellevue

The Novel Tree carries CBD products from 100% traceable sources, free of harmful pesticides. Choose from edibles, flower, vapes & more.


CBD use is growing increasingly popular by the day, and it's finding its way into the shopping baskets of average consumers. Whether it's in the form of infused mints at the checkout stand, a cleverly marketed upsell at a coffee shop, or any variety of confection claiming great benefits it's clear that CBD is here to stay. What most don't question when purchasing however, is the origin, viability, and effectiveness of these consumer-grade products.

Off the shelf CBD products found in grocery storers and cafes are typically derived from industrial-grade hemp, often used for textile production, paper products and biofuels. Think twice before consuming!

Quality, sourcing and variety. At The Novel Tree, we have the strictest purchasing policy in the state among dispensaries, which ensures our guests have access to the highest quality cannabis available. The unclear origin of many CBD products found in the consumer realm is our major concern, and something we feel our guests should know about. There is little to no assurance of effectiveness, potency or whether or not the hemp they were derived from was grown using harmful pesticides.

At The Novel Tree, you get 100% traceability and total assurance of quality! If you’re in Bellevue, stop in and let our expert budtenders show you the huge assortment of CBD products we offer!