Budtender Baked Baking Party - Sugar Cookies

We wanted to bake something yummy for our team at the Novel Tree and thought we would get creative with some of the edibles we sell and make some sugar cookies. We stopped by the shop before we got started to see what would pair well with them.

We ended up picking up 2 packs of Verdelux Illumination (hard candies) in Peach and Watermelon flavors. We also picked up a 100mg tincture bottle of infused coconut oil from Ethos (called Home Baked).  

We used an easy to make Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix which had the instructions on the bag. You can find instructions for a similar one here. We were originally considering adding the infused coconut oil into the batter and then adding the Illuminations to the center to make “stained glass” cookies. If you haven’t seen them, there are tons of examples on Pinterest, and we found a step by step guide we like.

The idea is that the hard candy melts into the center of the cookie; creating a stained glass look to it. You need to make a hole in the center of the cookie first and then add the hard candy to the hole to give it the glass effect. Although we tried our best, they didn’t turn out quite as pretty as the Pinterest versions. However, we were going for potency and had a backup plan to beautify our funky looking “stained glass” sugar cookies with frosting!

After reading the label of the infused coconut oil we bought we saw that heat had already been used to do the cannabis extraction into the oil. We didn’t want to bake it and risk losing that relaxing, stoney effect, so in turn, we made a delectable lemon zest frosting!

Baking Cannabis Sugar Cookies
Baking Marijuana Sugar Cookies

First, we needed to make sure the consistency was going to turn out with the infused oil being added to it. Julie, the experienced baker of the bunch had a recipe for a simple Royal frosting. We added in the tincture and a little bit of milk to smooth out the consistency.  Once we stirred it to the perfect velvety texture we added food coloring (yellow, green and red, of course!) and had a blast making fun pictures and designs for all our budtender buddies.

This recipe was really fun and we were able to make cookies with a heavier potency than what you can normally find in stores. We all really enjoyed getting creative with the edibles and the result was fantastic. We had a deliciously sweet, chewy and slightly fruity frosted cookie with super relaxing and uplifting effects.  

Weed sugar cookies
Cannabis sugar cookies
Cannabis Cookies

We ate our cookies and one hour later we were relaxed and soon after had a super peaceful nights’ sleep. I woke up feeling uplifted and happy. Not only that, it tasted fantastic! (Especially with a cup of hot chocolate)

We gave each of The Novel Tree team members a cookie, and we even had non-infused versions available. Reviews were fantastic across the board. Everyone loved the delicious pop of flavor in the center. Some of our budtenders said that the effects were pretty mellow, but all were pleasantly surprised with the hard candy in the center of the sugar cookies. They might not have been as pretty looking, but they sure were delicious!

Don't forget that we are always here to help, so if you have any questions make sure to ask your budtenders for what products to use in your cooking endeavors!

Brought to you by The Novel Tree budtenders Brie, Julie and Sarah.