Budtender Lunch Breaks: Good Spots Near The Novel Tree!

Top 5 Budtender Lunch Break Destinations!

Amonos! Taco Truck:

How lucky are we to have an amazing Taco truck right next door to The Novel Tree? These are some of the best tacos and burritos in all of Bellevue too! With 4.5 stars on Yelp, no one seems to disagree. These guys always hook it up too with extra hot sauce and salsa. If you’re looking for authentic Mexican tacos, burritos and Jarritos, be sure to check out Amonos!



Teriyaki Express:

As busy as Teriyaki Express gets during the Bellevue lunch rush, our budtenders report it’s 100% worth it. An unassuming building houses one of Bellevue’s best Teriyaki joints, and the staff there is as quick as they are friendly. The produce and meat are always super fresh tasting, and their signature sauce is both savory and sweet. Need to call in your order? That’ll be ready in 10 or 15 minutes tops! Our design and marketing guy recommends the vegetable Yakisoba with extra broccoli. Do they ever charge for the extra broccoli? Heck no!


Bellevue Brewing Company:

We’re pretty lucky to be surrounded by so many great lunch spots within walking distance, and Bellevue Brewing Company is no exception. Not only do they brew amazing beer, they have a fully operational kitchen pumping out some of the best food in the area! Everything from stone-fired pizzas, sandwiches, salads, made in house hummus and more! You’ll often hear one of our budtenders placing a to go order in our break room. We’re happy to call Bellevue Brewing Company friends of The Novel Tree.



Mercurys Coffee:

Wow, what can we say? We watched patiently as this shining beacon of a coffee shop was being built just a stone’s throw away from The Novel Tree. Once they finally opened, we were excited to see that they not only have coffee drinks on offer, but an ASTOUNDING array of pastries and lunch items. If you’re looking for the biggest cinnamon roll you’ve ever seen, go to Mercurys! Looking for a spot to chill out for a few while you sip your coffee or have a bite? Mercurys is a bustling, lively scene. Every member of their staff is beyond cool too, always a most welcoming vibe.