Budtender Tested - Budtender Approved: Meet the IndigoPro


We are excited to announce the arrival of IndigoPro vaporizers! Partnering with Harmony Farms, the IndigoPro vaporizers are a high performance vaping tool geared to upgrade the average cartridge. They function very well and are made to last. Each IndigoPro vaporizer comes with a 1-year warranty, see in shop for full details. The unique design of the IndigoPro oil cartridges helps prevent leaking, even in a variety of environments. Functionality gets an upgrade with a slight buzz of the IndigoPro when the user inhales to confirm it's working. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, this vape is efficient and reports are that a little bit goes a long way. IndigoPro claims it delivers 3X the vapor as a standard cartridge. To top it all off, it comes with a sleek carrying case with storage slots for 6 cartridges. 

For questions about the IndigoPro, come visit The Novel Tree in Bellevue, Washington. 




"I liked the ease of use. The flavor of the cartridge was very nice. The IndigoPro battery seems really sturdy. The cartridges also appear to be of good quality. The flavor of the Sunset Sherbet was pleasant and reminiscent of the flower itself." -Adrienne

"To start I did enjoy the simplicity of the vaporizer. The magnetized cartridges are a nice touch along with simple breath operated pull. Size is nice as well. I wasn't big on the hard edge body for the comfort but was nice to set it down and not have it roll away. The bonus carrying case was also a nice feature for travel and extra cartridge storage. The performance was better than other vaporizers. Very nice draw and flavor profile. After a few hits of Northern Lights I was feeling the high which is more than I'd say for other vapes." -Ben

"Pretty good product overall. I like the way the pen works. The cartridges fit nice and secure. I actually like the vibrating action when you draw on it. My favorite part is how hard it hits. You get real solid hits even without drawing on it forever." -Jesse

"My favorite thing with this pen is you don't have to take big hits to feel stoned, little ones do just fine." -Hailey