Doc Croc


Doc Croc is a Tier 2 grow based in Olympia, Washington, ran by seven employees along with the owners. As expat Aussies, they came to Washington to be part of the historic end of world cannabis prohibition. The owners of Doc Croc have worked in the Australian hydroponic industry at retail, wholesale & manufacturing for the past 20 years. They believe their hydroponic experience & love of growing cannabis will bring variety & diversity to the WA I-502 market.

Doc Croc love all of their strains and are constantly developing the best phenos to deliver consistent flower quality for their customers. They also produce quality BHO concentrates and are currently making Clear to complement their concentrate product range.

They grow indoor hydroponic flowers in a top fed, air injected, deep water culture hybrid hydroponic system. It is arguably the most productive system in WA.

Vision: To inspire and nurture the human spirit, one bud at a time.
Values: Acting with courage, challenging the status quo and pioneering our new growth industry.
Responsibility: The World is watching us.
How do you live your values? Passion, dedication & hard work.