Dope Cup 2019 Winners!

At this year’s Hempfest in Seattle, many of our favorite cannabis products and strains took home top honors.


Powderhound by Lazy Bee Gardens

First place in the Sungrown Flower category! We’ve been in love with the Methow Valley’s Lazy Bee Gardens since we first started carrying them on our menu. They represent the pinnacle of artisan, naturally-grown outdoor cannabis in the PNW. Big ups to Matt and the LBG team for this well deserved win. The Powderhound strain is a Sativa hybrid, a cross between Jack Herrer and Mystery Strain.


Mr. Moxey’s Sativa Peppermints

A favorite of guests and budtenders alike at The Novel Tree, this uplifting and energizing mint took home 2nd place honors in the Edibles category. With 5mg of THC per mint, this is a great on the go option for microdosing. Who couldn’t use a bit of a boost?


Journeyman Berry CBD Jellies

Full body benefits without the head trip, in a refreshingly fruity and sweet candy-like jelly. These gems also happen to be gluten-free and vegan!


Fairwinds Flow Roll-On

Looking to take the edge of muscle pain or chronic pain? Fairwinds now makes their famous Flow formula in a convenient roll on applicator. Fairwinds is the first name in cannabis-based wellness products, and we’re proud to be carrying their full line here at The Novel Tree.


Oleum Pineapple Express Live Resin

This Sativa-dominant hybrid live resin is a tasty terpene-rich dabber’s delight. 67% THC with notes of Humulene, Caryophyllene and Limone for serious flavorful dabs. No additives, just oil!


Wedding Cake by Secret Gardens of Washington

SGOW’s hybrid flower game is nothing short of amazing. With all the competition in this category, 3rd place is a serious accomplishment. Noted for its happy and calming effects, sweet and earthy taste, the Wedding Cake strain is all that and more. This is one of those strains that doesn’t stay long on our shelves when we get a new delivery in.


Lemon OG Haze by Secret Gardens of Washington

Yet another win for SGOW, and we’re not the least bit surprised. This time in the Sativa Flower category. Here’s a strain for movers and shakers, take a toke of this and you’ll find yourself in a blissful, productive state. The lemony-citrus taste profile is among the most flavorful we’ve tasted. One of our budtenders noted the “superbly smooth smoke…outstanding for elevating your mood!”