Welcoming Exotikz Cannabis to The Novel Tree!


Exotikz has been making a splash in cannabis community, but with the collaboration of Berner and The Jungle Boys visions that created this Tier Two facility, how could they not? They have created quite a following as they combine some of the trendiest strains and use a process called pheno hunting to find and create amazing strains. Having a very clean growing method, they allow the plant to run through its full cycle and then a lengthy cure process to ensure the best flavor in their product.

What Our Budtenders Say

Erick: “What I really liked about my experience with Exotikz flower was that it was usually always a super smooth smoke. The Wedding Cake that I had was euphoric, giggly and relaxing and the taste was on point!”

Paul: “I think it’s an awesome company and their vendor days are always pretty cool. The quality of their flower speaks for itself. I had the Purple Punchsicle and was impressed with its complex flavors and great smell!”