Yes, it’s finally happening! Extended hours! It’s real! The requests have been numerous; we’ve heard you and are taking action! Now it’s time for earlier starts and later closes. Starting Sunday, January 31st, The Novel Tree will be open from:

Monday–Saturday: 8am–9pm
Sunday: 9am–6pm


With new hours come new perks! To welcome the wake’n bakers and send off the overtime tokers, every purchase during the first two hours of the morning and last hour of the evening will get you 2X the points on your loyalty account during February. As always: The Novel Tree will continue to offer all day specials on budtender selects, last minute steals, and last-of-the-lot products. Any day, any time is a great time to stop in, but now we have a little extra somethin’-somethin’ for the first two hours and last hour in February.

First Two, Last One - Double Points!

Monday through Saturday:
8am–10am & 8pm–9pm:
2x Points for Loyalty Members

9am–11am & 5pm–6pm
2X Points for Loyalty Members



What is The Novel Tree focusing on in 2016 you ask? New farms!! There are close to a bazillion cannabis grows up and running in the i502 industry. It’s our job to find the best quality product from the most authentic operations. In the last month there has been a considerable amount of fresh licensee growers stopping in with very impressive harvests. Keep an eye on our menus, social media, or ask a budtender ‘what’s new’ because there is going to be an endless flow of newness.

To anyone fretting that their favorite farm might be gone: Don’t worry- many of the cannabis producers that you have grown to love will be still be available, just look out for newbies elbowing their way into shelf-space with nothin’ but fire!

To any ganja farmers reading this thinking about applying for shelf-space: we love to see your focus on quality, clean growing systems especially organic/veganic programs, forward-thinking genetics programs, and a team of dedicated & passionate individuals whose focus is on the end-user experience.

Lastly! Don’t forget- The Novel Tree will be open a little earlier and later for your convenience starting January 31. See you soon!