Fairwinds Recharge Sativa Capsule Hits the Slopes

It is no secret that the Pacific Northwest is home to many outdoors aficionados. Hiking, camping, paddle boarding, climbing, surfing, skiing, you name it – we do it.  It may be raining outside, but for those of us who have long been awaiting this moment, rain along with some pretty cold temperatures was a sign of good things happening in the mountains. For the past few months we had been whispering “winter is coming,” and today was the day it was finally here.

First, let me backtrack and tell you a little about myself and my relationship with cannabis. I have tried weed products before, smoked out of a pipe as well as accidentally and on purpose tried some edibles. My previous experiences were not all pleasant, but I can take some responsibility for that and call it user-error. I thoroughly enjoy being outdoors and snowboarding is one of my all-time-favorite activities. I am not really into the relaxing, sit on your couch types of highs, but usually like an active, alert boost.


Whether it is having a couple of hot-totties at lunch or a puff on the mountain, it is common practice for skiers and snowboarders to dabble while on the slopes. I am not a stranger to these practices, and warming up at lunch in the bar is usually part of my routine. I didn’t want to have a drink this time around, and was just looking for something to enhance my snowboarding experience ever so slightly. One thing was certain, I did not want to ruin my snowboarding day by choosing the wrong thing, so I went into my local shop – The Novel Tree – and asked for some expert budtender advice. I had done some research and was maybe going to try a Mirth Tonic but instead, one of the budtenders recommended that I try the Fairwinds Recharge Capsules. There it was, my whole day free of responsibility and a ride up to the mountain, I was set to test out this new experience.

We got an early start on the day, had a sandwich for breakfast then and I was ready to take one capsule with my morning coffee. Knowing that my tolerance for anything weed is really low, I decided to split one capsule in half and go from there. Although effects typically begin 30 minutes-2 hours after ingestion I started feeling the effects about 45 minutes later, mostly due to the fact that I had split the capsule open. Everything around me seemed to move a little slower, and I would find myself zoning out on certain things – like how pretty the trees looked covered in snow. Throughout the day I felt alert, happy and I was definitely enjoying myself. The experience was comparable to having a beer or two at lunch, although that tends to make me into more of a risk-taker on the mountain. I found that I was more cautious that normal, choosing the easy and enjoyable route, in a go with the flow kind of mood. I was hoping it would help with some of the knee pain I had been feeling, but unfortunately I was still able to feel it quite intensely. That might have contributed to my being so overly cautious, but hey – why push the limits so early in the season.


After a pretty full day of snowboarding, we went back to the car and I had the rest of my sandwich, which at the moment tasted gloriously. I also had to splurge for some cookies that hit the spot. As we got started on the drive back, we put some music in and turned up the seat heat. I found that I was a little more aware of my high, as I relaxed, looked at the snowy, then mossy trees engulfed in the sound of the music playing. The effects were all gone around 6pm (I had taken it at 10am) and I was ready for a nap.

This was hands down my best experience with cannabis products so far. Correct dosage along with having the right product were key factors. Overall, I would definitely try it again, although I would want to go for something that might help with some of my pain. The Fairwinds website describes it as an alert, ambitious, focused high which I feel are pretty accurate. The perfect use would be at the end of the day or while you are taking some easy runs. So if you like to indulge in a little nip of Jack Daniels or maybe a bit of Mary Jane out and about in the pow, just make sure you know your limits and don't over-do it.