Fairwinds Tour Video

Green Technology Meets Cannabis

We recently took a trip to the legendary Fairwinds facility in southwest Washington state to learn all about their highly advanced grow operation.

Head Ganjaneer James Hull and Lead Grower Scott Logan have implemented a system that allows them to remotely control all aspects of the environment within their cannabis grow rooms, monitoring and adjusting everything from light to temperature. As Scott explains, “the idea is that you can bring plants into a room for 4 months and not come back in until it’s time to harvest.” He goes on to describe the material used by Fairwinds that substitutes for conventional soil mediums used by other growers. Known as Rockwool, this soilless medium allows Fairwinds to minimize ecological harm and maximize yield.

Scott, an accomplished horticulturalist, talks about the ins and outs of developing these unconventional and advanced techniques. He explains that he’s willing to lose a gram or two of yield as long as he knows he’s creating a more sustainable and environmentally responsible method. Fairwinds serves as a stellar example for other marijuana growers as a whole, with stewardship and the health of their customers leading their philosophy.

Many thanks to the team at Fairwinds for hosting our team and taking the time to show us around their state of the art facility. Look for their line of products at The Novel Tree and The Novel Tree Medical today!