From the innovative labs at Flav come fruit flavored, cannabis-infused sour ribbon candies!

In the competitive space of marijuana edibles, building a name for yourself is no easy task. Flav has managed to take the pot industry by storm with it’s line of Belts and Rings.


From Flav: “Cannabis is a beautifully complex plant with hundreds of unique compounds that work synergistically to deliver an experience that’s been central to human culture and society for thousands of years. Today, we’re spearheading the evolution of products and experiences to further society’s natural and healthy relationship with this awe-inspiring plant and to eliminate the negative stigma associated with its responsible use.”

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of brands with philosophies like this in cannabis, breaking down old attitudes towards marijuana is all too crucial to greater societal acceptance. Flav candies serve as an approachable, fun and safe way to consume.

Look for these Flav products at The Novel Tree:

Apple Rings, Cherry Rings, Blueberry Belts, Strawberry Belts, Mango Belts, Rainbow Belts, Apple Belts.