Focus on Flower: UW Purple by Green Acres Pharms

The legend of UW Purple is one of rogue clone clipper infiltrating the University of Washington secret cannabis grow. Whether it was an inside job or a passerby with a keen nose & a crowbar, we may never know the truth of this strains' origins. What we do know is that when we source UW Purple today we are looking for three keys to a true Husky:

1- Purple & Gold

Purple and more orange really, but in the spirit of the Dawgs we will just say a bright orange/gold color of pistil with dark purple to even black calyx structure. This stark contrast really clues you in a true & top-notch version of UW Purple. 

2- Spicy Sweet Herbal Treat

The cured nugs of UW Purple tend to smell of herbal spice. It's not usually until you crack a nug open that it displays its true sweetness. Finger-squished nugs or ground bud really give off a strong mix of sweet & spice.

3- Mind-Expanding Body-Relaxing

A great UW Purple effect should be very similar to a strong GDP (Granddaddy Purple). The UW Purple is immediately stoney, the body fades off into total relaxation soon after.



The Green Acres Pharm's UW Purple was Dean's List in the true Husky test! As you can tell from the pictures, the nugs we sampled definitely lived up to the Purple & Gold requirement. What you may not be able to tell from this blog is that it smelled stronger than a Dawg. And toked so smooth you don't even have to Kauf,man. Plus the effects really sent us to the Moon.

 The nugs we sampled smelled extra sweet when broke down and nearly hid all signs of herbal spice. The sweetness was more candy, like pure sugary sweetness than affiliated with berry/tropical/fruity scents. Taste-wise, on the dry doobie puff the sweetness was noticeable; through our bubbler it was more difficult to tell taste (as to be expected) but it was very smooth toking and we did notice an enjoyable herbal exhale. My wife and I split a couple bowls one night after a day full of activities that left us both extra sore- she was amazed at its body relaxation effects, "extra melty & snuggly" as she put it. For me, I was in a happy place full of body comfort and calm head-space. It was a very wonderful evening :)

The consistency and density of the nugs was just great! I say nugs because there were 3 in our 8th- one very large ~2.8g nug, and a couple smaller <1g budlets. Usually I start with the smallest nugs first and work my way to the pinnacle of the biggest cola, snapping bowlfulls from the bottom to the top of each nug. The two smaller budlets were each just as dense and sticky as their larger companion nug. This made for long-lasting bowls and easy to roll joints. Something I greatly appreciate when sourcing high-grade.

In conclusion, UW Purple from Green Acres Pharm lives up to the highest expectations of such a notorious strain around the NW. We are excited to be offering at The Novel Tree, and hope that if you should try it, you will like it.


More on Green Acres Pharms:

We believe Green Acres Pharms is one of the best cannabis growers in Washington State or even beyond those borders. They are a fan favorite, have a following as big as any other high-grade producing farm we carry, and frequently release limited edition strains. We immediately loved their initial samples for their high-quality across all the strains they grew. We have curated from them for over a year now, receiving over 20 deliveries of ultra high-grade cannabis, and we are always excited to find something new. Green Acres Pharms does a fantastic job of variation in their harvests, which is something not commonly seen in the rest of the market. 

Many I-502 grow operations choose to grow the same crops harvest after harvest, which has its pros and cons for both the operations and their final customers. Generally for farms the continuation of same strains leads to more streamlined operations, greater profitability, and less risk; some customers do enjoy being able to purchase the exact same strain from the exact same grower for months or even years, and somehow amazingly don't feel any decline in effects. For the majority of cannabis users, diversity is the spice of life so once you have dialed your desired effects and favorite flavors, the strain encyclopedia should be your playground as consuming the same thing over & over has the potential to become bland! However, for farms choosing to grow a diverse & ever-changing array of flowers, the immediate or potential cons much outweigh the pros (especially when looking at it under a traditional business operator lens). The thee biggest increased or potential hardships for the grower, which may explain why many of them don't experiment, are, 

#1- There is more risk of a bad or sub-par batch when switching up flowers regularly since all varietals grow in their own unique & finicky ways (there's even lots of variation within the a table of clones from the same mother plant!); this means a grower must not just be a Jack of All Trades, but a true Master of All Strains since mediocre does not cut it around here! 

#2- Many other retailers (not us!) heavily favor strain duplication over diversity because it can make it easier on budtenders to sell, increase the ease of their back-of-house operating & menu processes, and allow them to sustain months' long ongoing sales promotions (like you can with mass-produced anythings). 

#3- Added costs and complexity. Where to get the unique seeds? How to be a breeder? Where to store the mothers? How to keep the mothers healthy? Who knows how to grow this stuff???

Green Acres Pharms does an amazing job at growing diversity! They are willing to dive nose-first at the potential hardships and say, "you know what- the obstacle is the way." The authenticity from growers who truly want to grow amazing cannabis is evident, and obvious, in Green Acres Pharm. Even "trial" rounds tend to end up on our shelves... for maybe a week because they end up with so much in-store hype! Remember Chocolate Thai? Yeah, that was an experiment that ended up one of the most unique flavorful flowers of all time, plus it blew all of our minds to infinity and then some! (It's coming back soon by the by...) Switching up production is a major talent at Green Acres Pharms, so when the elusively exquisite UW Purple got called out as a must-have from their amazing rep Jordan, we knew we had to try it!



From Green Acres Pharms,

"Green Acres Pharm is Washington's premier boutique cannabis producer and curator. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of naturally grown cannabis in the industry. Unlike large scaled commercial operations, we are able to nurture every plant with the love and affection needed to achieve an incomparable level of quality. Our products are the result of pas- sion and the relentless pursuit of the finest genetics bringing you an unparalleled user experience. In this rapidly Growing Industry, we are staying ahead of the curve by implementing the most cutting-edge cannabis Cultivation technology available on the market. Our team of expert master growers meticulously maintain our garden utilizing natural and organic techniques so our valued consumers can have peace of mind when choosing Green Acres Pharm products. Our prodigious consistency is the outcome of our labor intensive procedures that cannot be matched by larger tiered producer operations. We hand water each and every plant 7 days a week 365 days a year, to ensure no plant goes left without the needed attention to produce the highest-caliber cannabis available on the market."

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