Focus on Flower: Locktite by Clandestine Gardens

Locktite by Clandestine Gardens


A cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Mt. Rainier- this hybrid has a slightly more upbeat Gorilla Glue feel. While you will still be somewhat locked to your couch- your mind will be elevated! The sample bag we tested has very unique flower structure to it, almost like Old Man's Beard but pointed straight up- it's that frosty! The flavor profile on this is really one of the most unique I've come across in my 3 years of sampling hundreds of I-502 flower. More typical & easier to identify fruit-heavy flavors are Mango, Tropical fruit mix (sweet & sugary, smell it once and you'll know what I mean- think any of the Pineapple/Hawaiian/Maui strains), or Citrus. Locktite stands out on its own, smelling like a basket of fresh picked apples, fully ripe and juicy, straight out of the orchard. I was excited to get this flavor profile, and especially enjoyed it when the taste matched the scent.

Our test batch was lab tested to 28.2% THCA and 24.73% Total THC, backing up its visual and flavor appeal with real high-potency effects. Low-tolerance users may experience more symptoms of couch-lock than they might desire. Aficionados will love it for its immense flavor-profile, wonderfully structured nugs, and strong impact!

Suggested Pairing: with a fresh summer salad, a crisp glass of white wine, and an evening of low-maintenance R&R.

This is one of Clandestine Gardens' Special Edition - Private Reserve. This means limited supply and potentially not available for weeks, if not a few months, as they rotate it with some of their other amazing Special Editions. Keep an eye out, as their selection in our shop changes rapidly!

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