Getting Good Vibes at Raven Grass


Recently The Novel Tree Team was given the opportunity to peek behind the doors and get an insider’s view of the world that is Raven Grass.  I felt like Charlie with his golden ticket in hand, about to be given entrance to my much more grown up version of a wondrous candy factory.

As the doors opened we were warmly greeted by Micah Sherman - Operations Director and Nichole Graf - Creative Director / Product Development and their hilarious canine companion. We followed them into their Pure Cannabis Concentrates packaging and processing room which was like entering some wonderful combination of a gourmet kitchen, high tech laboratory and a professional artist’s studio.

Nichole has worked as a designer, illustrator, fine artist, art director and stylist. So the loft like, studio feel the Raven facilities feels very appropriate. The Raven Grass website states that Nichole's "experiences in design combined with a deep interest in nutrition, alternative medicine, herbalism and wildcraft led her to the creation of Raven and our product offerings." Most of the labels are designed in-house, with one guest artist every few harvests. All things Raven Grass from the packaging to the product have a distinct "GOOD VIBES" feel and appearance, a look that is unique to Raven Grass.  I feel that this is largely due to Nichole's personality and design influence finding its way throughout everything she touches.

Micah has an extensive career in large scale, high-end construction management and is a trained architect.  His understanding of building systems and engineering have allowed Raven to pursue more innovative and effective systems than those used by some conventional cannabis grow operations.  He was amazingly genuine and patient as he talked The Novel Tree team through how their Co2 extraction system works.  Micah explained that the benefits of their system which uses a 99% pure Co2 closed loop system is that it creates a product so pure you can eat it, and is completely harmless to the environment as well. The entire process left us pretty in awe.


Nichole then explained Raven's promise to use only 100% Raven Grass in their concentrates.  They put a lot of time and thought into the strains they choose and their unique flavor as well as cannabinoid profiles. They want to make sure that those qualities are translated to the concentrates, so only Raven 100% organically grown products are used.  She also explains that Raven's Pure Cannabis Concentrates are not aimed at the customer searching for a 90%+ THC product. Nichole questions those products asking "Where are all the other cannabinoids? Where is the flavor?” They are focused on a process that lets them capture not just THC but other cannaboids and terpenes as well, which is an important factor when it comes to quality and effectiveness.

We also got a chance to do a walk-through of their grow rooms. Everything runs very efficiently, and is well organized. Their facility even has a water tank that circulates nutrients from recycled plant materials and compost that is used to feed future harvests.

We were very inspired by Micah's and Nichole’s passion for doing things right, growing their products using only organic and natural products. Despite the added cost and effort, Raven Grass tries their best to do well by their customers and the environment. They use all organic materials and believe in promoting fair labor practices in the industry. From providing a superb product inside those gorgeous glass cork top jars to an infused edible for raw diets, everything Raven Grass makes is perfection.

They have 45 strains and are currently in 10 stores. Their favorite thing about what they do is being able to create a product that they can stand behind, and doing things the right way. We certainly love their products and good vibes and are proud to be one of their partners!