Green Island Growers

Green Island Growers is an indoor and outdoor grow at the tier 2 level.  They are allowed 2000 square feet inside, and 5000 square feet outside and are hoping to begin outdoor growing this spring. In addition to being a grower, Levi is also a licensed processor. They have three people on staff and hire additional help during the harvest.

Levi was a stonemason/tile-setter and the work was hard on his body.  He had his own business and that part was attractive. With a large shop on his acreage which could be used for a successful grow area, he decided to go all in when it became legal.  Levi wanted to be able to work from his home and be able to see the new industry develop. He lives on San Juan Island, and has believed in legalization forever. The San Juan voters were very supportive of the initiative, which had the highest percentage of “yes” votes on the initial I-502 ballot.

Green Island Growers is smaller, and grow in a facility on the acreage where Levi’s home is. Their goal is to produce a high quality product rather than a high quantity of product.  You could say they are a hands-on, artisan operation. They try to offer a variety of more unique strains that you might not see everywhere, or maybe anywhere else. One of Levi’s favorites is one of their signature strains - Pineberry.  The exact lineage has been kept secret, but it is an indica dominant hybrid.  It is a combination of the way it clones, grows, smells, and tastes.  Levi is also a big fan of CBD/THC balanced strains.  Green Island Growers have been developing a strain called "CBD NORDLE".  The first batch was 7.42% THC and 9.07% CBD.  It has an excellent smell, and it's a beautiful dark green Christmas tree like plant from start to finish.  Levi likes the health benefits of the CBD, and the nice mellow effects from the THC that accompanies it.

Levi believes in his product and has been called upon to defend its use.  He believes in the letter of the law and followed state regulations and county requirements for his facility. Levi believes in educating people regarding the benefits of marijuana and how to propagate it in the most effective way.  He reads every article he can get his hands on and has met many friends who are growers and retailers and he enjoys the sharing of knowledge on marijuana use, growth, and production.

Green Island Growers’ marijuana is grown in a very unique place.  They have a brand new indoor facility with only the best in lighting/hvac/c02 supplenentation, etc.  Their outdoor area has perfect exposure to the sun on all sides, and their plants have beautiful views of the Olympic Mountains, and the Salish Sea.  They enjoy a nice constant breeze of ocean air, as the direction of wind almost always comes from "False Bay", towards the property.  Levi is very proud of their facility, and believes people who see it are likely to become fans of their products. 

Green Island Growers hopes to support cannabis as a farm product for enriching the lives of people in this state by providing a unique and quality product as well as developing lasting relationships with retail shops and purchasers of their products.