Hot Sugar


The Hot Sugar line of cannabis-infused edibles is made in house by Phat Panda, using all of their own ingredients.

Each serving from their broad product range includes 10mg of powdered THC. If you’re looking for wild flavor combinations while catching a buzz, Hot Sugar is right up your alley! Their powdered THC products can be eaten straight out of the bag, mixed into a drink or added to food! However you choose to inhale this tasty weed snack, you’ll be riding high! Also available are Hot Sugar High Chewz, sold in 10 packs. They’re basically a weekend in a bag!

Look for these Hot Sugar products at The Novel Tree:

Blue Raspberry Weed Rita, Thick and Chocolatey, Citrus, Creamy Caramel, Peach Mango High Chewz, Banana High Chewz.