Introducing, the Sun Token

solar token handheld sun powered vaporizer


You may have noticed a recent addition to our accessories. The Sun Token is a curious wooden octagonalflat-topped pyramid with clear dome and borosilicate straw. This contraption is actually the first available solar dome pipe on the market.

The first "concept" of this I learned of was through a friend back in the early 2000's. So J's story goes, "I was in Lake Tahoe snowboarding. It was a really bright sunny day but super windy on the top of the mountain. Not the day for t-shirts, but no wet-gear required. I got on a longer lift next to another rider who about halfway up asked if I minded if he toked up a little bit. Of course I didn't mind, at which point he pulled out a homemade glass-covered bowl piece and big magnifying glass and used the solar rays of the glorious sun to ignite his herb! I was so awestruck at the genius simplicity that I nearly missed him asking me if I wanted a toke. Oh yea bud! Needless to say, I did not let this guy out of my sight for the rest of the day." 

The story above has been circulating through my college smoke circle since it happened to J. Although none of us actually went out of our way to try it ourselves, it's been one of those "man we gotta try that sometime" type of activities. When we found the Sun Token, it gave me the same feeling as making it out of another long Seattle winter & seeing the Sun for the first time in months- "What is that glorious thing?! I'm so glad it's back in my life!!"

We had to test it out immediately! A few friends took the Sun Token out on a sunny day in the PNW, to see if it would indeed vaporize some dried herb. The Sun Token did indeed do just that!

Beyond it actually doing what it says it will do, the Sun Token is user-friendly even when lit (me, not the bowl), is made with sturdy materials (upgrades to the acrylic dome coming soon but it worked perfect for us as-is), and looks awesome. Even more than that- it is FUN to play with! It was easy to get the angle right just make sure to read the user manual first. Moral of its story is to keep the sun, the magnifying lens, and the bowl piece in a straight line.

The Sun Token is really a fun and unique way to enjoy and comes highly recommended from The Novel Tree!

Happy Solar Toking :)

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From Sun Token:

"What is the Sun Token?

The Sun Token® is the world's first "solar dome pipe" 

It is a meticulously hand crafted pipe able to smoke with solar magnification, and traditionally with fire. It is thoughtfully engineered for both beginning and experienced users. The body is made of cherry, a hardwood used to make pipes throughout history. It is hand finished, smooth to the touch, and protected from the elements with a walnut oil finish. The glass pieces are durable borosilicate- easily replaceable, yet not easily broken. Any 14mm size bowl or attachment will fit the Sun Token. Everything breaks apart for easy disassembly and cleaning. This is durable, functional art. It looks nice in a show case, yet is rugged enough for the bottom of your backpack. The Sun Token is a revolutionary treasure worth passing down through time.

 Smoke with star powered hits that span the solar system!

  The magnetic solar dome securely snaps to a stainless steel ring on top of the Sun Token. You align sun rays over the bowl with a magnifying lens. Smoke will stream and dance around the dome. A complex tasting experience can be achieved in 5 seconds, or built up for over 30 seconds. This method burns around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit less than a conventional lighter. It is healthier, better tasting, more efficient, wind proof, ecological, fun to do, and beautiful to watch. 

Sunlight travels 150 million kilometers for 500 seconds all to reach your solar dome. This is the first product of its kind, and will usher in a new generation of solar enthusiasts. It is the creator's all time favorite way to enjoy smoking. Each one is lovingly hand finished by the creator Hector Campos, and his small team in Fredericksburg, VA.

When the sun is not out, The Sun Token functions like a normal pipe. The holes are drilled to allow generous airflow and cannot get clogged. The borosilicate mouthpiece allows a beautiful visual of the incoming smoke. 

When the sun is in the sky, and free from cloud cover, snap on the magnetic solar dome. With a magnifying lens, you now control exactly where you want to burn your dry herb. This works even when the sun is low in the sky, during the winter, and while the wind is howling around you! You just need a clear visual of the sun, free from clouds and trees. There is a second air intake that functions when the dome is attached. This unique way of enjoying smoking, tied to nature, creates a very special experience. Being conscious of the sun while smoking is an ancient ritual that will find new fans, hopefully, all over the world.

Does it vape? A hit using the solar dome is a hybrid of both vaporization and combustion. The average lighter burns at roughly 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit, which obliterates some of the desired components of the leaf before it gets to you. Solar light focused through a hand held magnifying lens is less hot, heating closer to vaporization temperatures (380-420 F) and then slowly combusting. The leaf is left with more structural integrity than when torched with a lighter. Solar means no butane or flint powder in your hit. It tastes better while also conserving your material. Let's be clear, solar smoking is its own unique experience in a twilight realm between traditional smoking and vaping. And of course, it's just fun to play with sunlight."

Visit their website, at The Sun Token.