Keepin' It Sweet with Verdelux



Keepin’ It Sweet with Verdelux


“I could give up chocolate but, I’m not a quitter.”


Every day, new glorious sweet treats are born. The difference between quality and rubbish is all in the details. Edibles have become so common in Washington State that if you aren’t partaking yourself, chances are you know someone who is. Yes, I’m talking about infused cannabis edibles!

If you are oh so fortunate to live or visit the beautiful Evergreen State in 2016 and are 21 years of age or older you are eligible for a sweet ride to stoney-ville.

You need an 8pm Saturday night reservation for one. Somewhere that’s comfortable but, will also accommodate your desire to be yourself and laugh at the seemingly funny thoughts that you think are hilarious. This place must also be well stocked with any nutritious substance that makes you feel the urge to run 3 miles the next day purely out of guilt.

Okay, are you ready? The first step: Mise en place. (French pronunciation which means “everything in its place.”)

The product: Verdelux. (Ver-Day-lu)

The goal: to satisfy your inner child’s sweet tooth while floating on a cloud of euphoria. Similar to eating your favorite treat while watching your favorite show, petting your favorite fuzzy best friend, all while contagiously laughing at your silly partner. (Oh, and yourself!). Hard to accomplish? No sir. It starts with Verdelux and ends with love.

Being in love has different meanings for many people, my version may be a bit skewed. Dictionary meaning: When you are in love it is the strongest bond you will ever feel, like you are connected at the soul. This is exactly how I feel about Verdelux edibles after a hard days work or let’s be honest, ANY time. I’m in love with the effects. In love with the flavors. In love with the quality. In love with the consistency. My version of love is a deep connection with something that makes you yearn for more. I love Verdelux.

It’s all in the details! Potent, precise, and compact. These tasty treats are strain specific and created in-house with indoor Washington soil-grown cannabis. Based in Bellingham, Washington, this small tier creates products in small batches, the care for detail is uncanny.

Everything is lab-tested for quality, safety, and purity. No chemicals or pesticides ever touch these little winners.

Regardless if one enjoys their ganja through solid chocolates, perfectly rounded candies, or their famous “meltaway,” Verdelux wants to make our experience the all-around finest every bite. Release your guilt, it's all gluten free!

Just like a vacation that you’ve waited for all year – the excitement of toting your little treat home will have you wishing you paid attention in history class. British history to be precise!   Verdelux makes their sweets hand-made with traditional Victorian-style methods. This style allows the chocolates to have a silky, buttery finish! And please, always remember, “If it snaps, it’s a wrap!” That’s Verdelux’s motto and the brilliant way to tell if the chocolate you are eating is of good quality.

Now, we travel to Madagascar, where the most luxurious bourbon vanilla extract is made for my favorite product out of the line up – sea salted caramel truffles. This product is no joke, just one bite will have you feeling drowsy from the pillowy consistency. (Or wait, is that just from the ganja?) That’s for you to decide.

Luckily, this lovely candy making small business is looking out for our desire to live clean. Their products are extracted and distilled with 100% organic ethanol (also known as drinking alcohol) through their Wetwork Reflux method into a terpene-rich oil that is already decarboxolated.

My advice: Head to Bellevue, stop at the adult candy store, The Novel Tree, and slow roll to stoney-ville.


Peace, Love, & Ganja,