The Novel Tree has carried the Leafwerx line of cannabis vape cartridges, concentrates and Lil’ Blazer prerolls since 2017.

This brand is known and loved by our guests and budtenders alike for their extensive range of cannabis genetics and intuitive labeling of their products with 4 activities in mind: Go Time, Vibin’, Chillin’, and CBD - Healin’.


Among the strains that fit into these 4 categories are Black Afghani Rose, Green Dream, AK-47, Arcata Trainwreck, Candy Apple, Black Jack, San Juan Green Crack, Jack Flash, Jah Goo, Sour Diesel, Wonder Woman, OG Kush, Soul Assassin, Frosting, Sherbert, Gorilla Glue, Cheese, Berry White. Cherry AK, Hashwreck, Kirkwood, Birthday Cake, Nine Pound Hammer #6, Platinum Cookies, Blackberry Kush, Han’s 1st, Optimus Prime, 3 Kings, Black Afghan Kush, Chocolate Hashberry, Royal Kush, Cherry, G-13, Black Lime Reserve, Suzy Q, Trident and Diesel Tonic. Exhaustive list, but you get the idea! Leafwerx knows their weed strains!

From Soil to Oil. Cannabis Refined.

The flavorful, pure co2-extracted cannabis oils in Leafwerx cartridges are a result of on-staff chemists collaborating with experienced cultivators. Keeping the natural compounds in place to preserve the true nature of the plant is of utmost importance to their team. The flavonoids, terpenes, lipids and amino acids allow them to create beautiful extracts time and time again. It’s all about consistency! This efficiency translates to affordable, competitive cost for the consumer. We at The Novel Tree appreciate being able to pass this savings on to you!

Look for these Leafwerx products on The Novel Tree Online Menu:

• .5g & 1g Refined and Ultra-Refined Vape Cartridges

• .5g Refined and Ultra-Refined PAX Era Pods

• Brights Concentrates

• Lil’ Blazer Prerolls