Focus on Flower: Blackberry Kush by Raven Grass

Blackberry Kush from Raven Grass is a sleep inducing Indica with a unique spicy taste. It is also high in Myrcene, meaning it may be beneficial for strong pain relief, anxiety, or restless leg in the evening.
— Keiana, Novel Tree Certified Medical Consultant
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Blackberry Kush by Raven

One of our favorite farms, Raven, is now growing Blackberry Kush and we are thrilled! It's such a delicious strain that when grown properly that it can quickly become a budtender and guest favorite cannabis strain. When a grower as amazing as Raven goes after it, the Blackberry Kush can be one of the most beautiful final cannabis products as there can be. 

Blackberry Kush is similar to a fresh picked Blackberry (the actual berry) in that it's dark purple, hairy, and smells like delicious sweet fruit. Where it's way different, is consuming a few blackberries probably won't do much other than leave a fantastic taste in your mouth, but consuming a few tokes of Blackberry Kush can leave you on a whole new level! Typical Blackberry Kush effects to be reported include: relaxing, chilling, mellow, laid-back-kicked-back, very much so on the low-key vibes. Blackberry Kush probably will not send you racing, more likely you'll enjoy watching the Olympics from a big comfy couch. Many medical marijuana users turn to Blackberry Kush for the pain relief they say it provides. These effects are also widely reported in online cannabis review forums like Leafly or Wikileaf. Our experiences with this particular Blackberry Kush strain from Raven have been similar. 

We were lucky enough to sample a recent batch of Blackberry Kush from Raven Grass. Our 8th contained 3 large nugs, all dense and coated in crystals. The color on the nugs is very pretty- dark purple and forest green with starkly contrasted bright orange hairs. As you read our other blogs, you might be able to gather that The Novel Tree is a huge fan of beautiful weed, especially beautiful purple weed. This Blackberry Kush hit on all marks for us. A very strong sweet nose that made me wanting to keep smelling the jar. The cure in on point- sticky, not fluffy, not crispy, just crumbly perfectly moist nugs. The Blackberry Kush effects were also tremendous and consistent with what we expected- major relaxation.

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The Novel Tree has been working closely with Raven since late 2014. Raven was identified as a producer/processor in Washington that closely aligned to The Novel Tree vision of  curating clean and high-grade products very carefully and with purpose, presenting cannabis in a way that allows everyone to create their own experience. Raven goes above and beyond in their cultivation of cannabis. For example, Raven is one of the only I-502 Producer/Processors who pays the extra money to test for Terpenes in every batch of flower, and the results are posted on every package of Raven Grass flower.  For example, this batch of Blackberry Kush tested to 2.88% total Terpenes. Based on lack of test results just our highly trained noses, we believe most of legal cannabis (and blackmarket weed too, not that it gets tested but just smell it and you'll know) tests below 1% total Terpenes. Raven Grass shows the true Terpene breakdown, which you'll see in the pictures above. This Blackberry Kush tested at 1.14% Myrcene, 0.99% Humulene, and 0.75% Caryophyllene. What's that mean for you? Very strong smelling cannabis. AND, extremely potent cannabis!

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Raven goes the extra mile to grow clean cannabis. As cannabis growers, they are not allowed to label their products "Organic" due to Federal Regulations however they are able to claim that their cannabis is grown organically. Basically, if it could get certified it would. Check out Raven's Verra Terra promise below and complete list of their nutrients and pest deterrents.  

If you care about clean grown high quality cannabis, you should definitely check out Raven Grass!

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"Verra Terra means 'True Earth' and the VT Seal is our way of showing you, though we are prohibited from declaring our products as being "USDA Organic", that we are committed to bringing you the highest quality products, truly from the earth. We believe in truth and transparency, and our growing process and products are here to heal, restore, rejuvenate, and enjoy- free from the worry of harmful toxins or chemicals bringing you down. Our nutrients and pest deterrants have been approved in accordance with the National Organic Program's National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances." -David, Micah, & Nichole at Raven 

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