New Release: Kirkwood & Optimus Prime by Leafwerx

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Two new releases from Leafwerx are available for a limited time only! Kirkwood and Optimus Prime are small-batch premium grade cannabis buds, grown and cured to perfection. 



(F-Cut OG X FaceOff OG)

"With a legendary genetic lineage and buds covered with more frost than the Tahoe mountain it’s named after, Kirkwood is a truly special strain experience. In the illustrious OG Kush family tree, F-Cut and Faceoff are two of the most sought after. Kirkwood brings both strains best qualities, the frost and dank nose of F-Cut, and the extraordinarily potent body high of Faceoff. The Kirkwood is a memorable experience and a perfect addition to the coldest time of the year. "  -Leafwerx

Our sample bag contained dense OG Kush-style nugs with just enough moisture in them to crumble down nicely, no dust. Smooth and full-flavored. A true connoisseur toke. 




(Og Kush/Bubba Kush/Granddaddy Purp)

"Optimus Prime is a larger than life strain that exhibits a showstopping appearance, a unique grape and pepper flavor pallet, and a dreamy indica euphoria. The bulky bud structure from its Bubba Kush parent is flush with distinctive green and purple coloring accented with orange hairs, giving a distinctive Transformers-esque appearance. With a nose and taste that blends grapes & pepper with just a hint of earth and berry, Optimus delivers a connoisseur's smoking experience."  -Leafwerx

Much stickier than its counterpart, the Optimus Prime nugs in our sample bag were beautiful. Grape flavors shined bright. A deliciously appealing ganja bud.



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