New Release: Marionberry Kush by Windy River

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60/40 Indica dominant hybrid

Raspberry Kush X Space Kush


Just in time to keep you warm for Kushmas comes Marionberry Kush from Windy River Cannabis! This purple beauty is dense & delicious.

Marionberry Kush is a cross of Raspberry Kush and Space Queen. Originally bred by TGA Subcool Seeds, Windy River Cannabis presents this epic strain to the I-502 Cannabis market in top quality form and effect. As you can see in the pictures, our sample jar came with some very fine nugs! The Marionberry Kush weed nugs were perfectly trimmed, bright purple buds with burnt auburn hairs, and completely coated in trichomes. The scent is of musky tropical fruit, wafting a heavy sweetness into the air once you crack open a jar of this fine cannabis. It's extremely dense- for our testing we choose to use a grinder to keep the ganja crumbling manageable. You can always count on getting the true flavor of a bud by snapping it in half, or breaking it down- the smell should intensify, and it definitely did in this case. The sweet musky fruit grew smell felt like I put my whole nose in it.

The curing on this batch was very well done. The dryness was right where we wanted it, snappable but not dusty. It combusted easily and burned down smooth. Flavors were true to the scent, heavy fruit forward with a noticeable berry dominance. Very nice taste! This was an incredibly enjoyable toke, and with ground bud we were able to get some massive tokes! 




Be on the lookout at The Novel Tree for Marionberry Kush and more strains from Windy River Cannabis including: Light Saber, 9 Pound Hammer, Conspiracy Kush, Pink 2.0, and Cheese Quake. Product selection changes daily, check out our online menu updated real-time!

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