New Release: Purple Pie & Truffle Butter by Freddy's Fuego


Freddy's Fuego have been busy pirates, making sure their treasure is the finest in the seven seas! Purple Pie and Truffle Butter are two of their latest releases that are just the type of goods to cross an ocean for. We were lucky enough to grab a bit of both delicious new strains. Both are incredibly strong flavored, plus real beauties to look at. Read about our experiences below:


Purple Pie is about as real a name as it gets. The bud is purple and the flavor is sweet as pie. As a contender for the best & most purple cannabis we have ever come across, Purple Pie by Freddy's Fuego is a show stopper. Jaws will drop upon inspection of the deep purple colored nugs that aren't just pretty in color, for these ganjabuds are dense and tightly trimmed! We love that in our flower. They break down nicely into sticky crumbs of dankness for great doobie rolling, or bowl packing. To be quite honest, it may be slightly too sticky of bud for most travelling vaporizers because unless you have some high-powered vape capabilities, the oil from the nugs may cause portable vapes to clog. For us, this is another great sign! 

The sweet flavor is not just a hint of it either. Oh no, no, no... you must have Freddy's mistaken with some other run-of-the-mill I-502 grower. Freddy's Fuego is a real swashbuckler in a sea of landlubbers: full of swagger, only for the adventurous, and here to save your day. Their Purple Pie is a full bodied cannabis flower. Here's my comparison- I'm not a huge wine drinker myself, but when I hear the term "a full bodied Cabernet" I have learned that my mouth will be overwhelmed with the wine's flavor versus a lighter red wine that might just tease my taste buds a bit; similarly with beer, that Lite beer is nothing in flavor compared to something like Silver City Tropic Haze or Black Raven Trickster IPA. Freddy's Fuego flower is that big bold flavor that is too loud to be ignored. Inhaling Purple Pie feels like you are actually eating the flavor (it coats your mouth) versus lightly sensing or grasping to sense a flavor.


This Indica dominant flower is smooth as butter! Why's that? Well, not just its name but it's flavor and effects are oh so buttery & delicious. Slip away with a few tokes into buttery euphoria. The cross of Gelato x Chocolate Kush make this not only dark & purple, but contribute to the extreme relaxation, full-mouth flavor, and ultra-dense nugs. 

I sampled this flower mid-day on a day with nothing left on my honey-do list but the simple things around the house. While I certainly didn't complete all of my tasks (and who could, really?) I did accomplish more than none of them, which in my humble opinion is a big deal when faced with the potential of a complete productivity collapse from a super heavy Indica. Granted, my tolerance is substantial, I found Truffle Butter to be very enjoyable and relaxing while still allowing me to keep my wits about me. If I chose to consume in a time of more focused relaxation, I'm sure this could have kept me quite comfortable for hours, sometimes I just like to challenge these Indicas to gauge their couch-lock strength ;)

Similar to the Purple Pie, Truffle Butter by Freddy's Fuego is the real deal top-shelf grown cannabis and is something we would put up against anyone's top strains. Some of the best cannabis in the world, found right here at The Novel Tree!