New Release: Secret Gardens of Washington

Novel Tree - Secret Gardens of Washington Lineup


SGOW was one of our earliest partners that really brought the fire! We have been working with SGOW since July of 2015, or a little over two years at the time of this blog. Over the course of those two years, SGOW has delivered high-grade ganjabuds time after time after time. They may have the strongest following among Novel Tree regulars, and budtenders too. When SGOW drops off a new shipment, it's not long before word spreads and sooner than you know it- we're all out. The premium quality they achieve comes from the care they put into each small batch of cannabis. Secret Gardens of Washington is one of the best grows in the state at scratch-growing. Scratch-growing means a first time harvest of a new or rotated particular strain, essentially test batches, where you are not repeatedly harvesting the same crop. For SGOW, GasMask is an example of a production strain while the other three strains tested below are considered scratch-grows for them. Most farms attempt one strain at a time to evaluate its grow characteristics before determining if it has a chance at larger-scale production, while other farms are constantly changing what they grow either by genetics crossing, pollinating and seed popping, or growing the mother(s) to clone. Some scratch-grows strains will make it to production strains which may last years, or it may get rotated out of their harvest calendar which could also last years. SGOW uses a mixture of methods to constantly change what they grow, however it does mean supply can be limited and quickly changing. The SGOW grow team has their operation on point, and it only keeps getting better. We love their experimenting as it always brings us new flowers to admire. The Novel Tree is the exclusive retailer of Secret Gardens of Washington on the Eastside of King County!

I was lucky enough to sample and photo the immensely popular GasMask plus three brand new releases from Secret Gardens of Washington and you're not going to want to miss these:

1. Sour Diesel

2. RudeBoi OG

3. White Tahoe Cookies




GasMask... if you're a flower toker and have been visiting The Novel Tree for a number of months, at some point I would bet that you have either tried GasMask, or at least had it suggested to you by a budtender. If you haven't tried it, I would highly recommend it for an example of what superior cannabis should be. This is your upper-level top-tier benchmark in terms of bud structure, density, frostiness, smell without having to crush the nug, flavor... SGOW has put into place grow processes that allow their plants to reach their maximum potential. I have been toking on GasMask for the last couple years and must say that it remains one of my top 10, and our recent August 2017 batch is the best I've seen yet.

GasMask is a SGOW exclusive cross Cherry Pie x Starfighter. This most recent batch was extremely strong in smell and effects. Many strains don't reveal their true deep down smell until after you crack or squeeze a nug; the GasMask exudes aroma of sweet dark red cherries about to burst. Seriously so sweet! This is cured to my ideal- sticky icky icky, the nugs actually cling to each other in the jar because of their stickiness. Some of our budtenders like grabbing the Ounce jars and flipping them upside down to see 28 grams worth of bud in what looks like a single massive cola of GasMask. It's a lovely sight. The scent once the nugs are broken down is even more sharp and even more obviously ripened cherry. This has got to be the best batch of GasMask yet. Its flavor strongly matches its scent profile, and is one of the most flavorful tokes we have experienced. The effects typically experienced include major relaxation, both in mind and body. This recent batch lab tested to 24.4% THC, and 26.8% total Cannabinoids. It might not be the highest tested batch from the lab, but all our subjective tests put it in the very upper echelon of cannabis strains. Well done, SGOW! We can't wait to see the next harvest :)



Sour Diesel is a household name! If you brought up Sour Diesel to a granny in a rural town in the middle of the frack-central in Texas, it's a 50/50 if she asks, "got any on ya?" Given its popularity, one might think it would be easy to source some high-grade Sour D in a legal market, but unfortunately it is a rarity. We seem some quality samples or hear of standard quality grow operations putting it on their sales sheets, but we rarely see craft grows maximizing its potential. Until now! I was stoked to learn that Secret Gardens of Washington recently harvested a Sour Diesel up to their ultra-particular quality standards. I had to test it out (and take a few photos)...

As you can see from the photos, SGOW's Sour Diesel is on the light & bright toned green bud structure with subdued tan pistils. The general nug shape is much more rounded and soft, however every bit as crystally as the denser rock-solid GasMask nugs. I find this type of bud much easier to break down with my fingers than the more solid nugs that do much better in a grinder. Soft definitely doesn't mean dust as this Sour Diesel leaves resin on your fingers! The smell is there- DIESEL. Sour Diesel is a straightforward description of its all around flavor profile from nug to exhale. Effects generally experienced involve uplifting and invigorated. The batch we sampled was lab tested to 28.3% THC and 30.4% total Cannabinoids.




The 8th we tested of RudeBoi OG was two nugs- one ~2.5gram nug and another ~1gram nug. They were both beautiful flowers, artfully trimmed left the trichomes intact and glistening. A squeeze crackled and slowly rebounded, indicating proper drying due to small stem snapping and proper cure due to the stickiness a product of moisture and resin. I was able to squeeze a chunk of nug into a small cube before truly breaking it down to test further. The RudeBoi OG is perfume pungent, with a sharp sweet earthy aroma. Far from herbal, the sharpness was sweet but also distinctly fresh forest, whether cedar, pine or other evergreen in the rain. A cross of essentially two epic OG Kush phenotypes, the RudeBoi OG exhibits complex flavor profiles. Effects generally experienced are relaxation and happiness. Our sample batch was lab tested to 25.6% THC, 27.9% total Cannabinoids.



Dark purple and bright green calyxes intermingle very tightly in the White Tahoe Cookies by Secret Gardens of Washington. The toasted orange pistils nearly blend right in behind the more dominant green & purple colors of the nugs. This one is also a real beauty, glistening trichomes in any light. It glowed especially bright in the direct sun.

What a pungent bud! These nugs had that dense and abstract nug structure that smelled sweet and doughy, rather plain sweetness if you will. That's why they call them sugar cookies. A perfect pairing would be with a similar named cookie "Tahoe" which can usually be found in any grocery cookie aisle. Breaking down the bud was similar territory as the rest of Secret Gardens of Washington's strain releases described above- extremely dense (takes some finesse in the best of ways), extremely sticky (sticks to you, itself, etc.), and even more smelly than left intact (the White Tahoe Cookies smelled noticeably sweeter with a detectable fruit undertone.

Be careful, this is a potent batch rated for high tolerance individuals. It lab tested to 30.1% THC, 31.5% total Cannabinoids. This should be an evening-ender for most tokers.