New Release: The Jack by Cascadia Gardens

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The Jack by Cascadia Gardens

(Jack Herer Pheno)


This Jack Herer pheno is one above the rest - a well balanced hybrid packed with potency, flavor and terpenes, this flower is sure to leave you creatively inspired and ready to take on the day - a mood like no other cannabis can give! The terpene profile is utterly unreal, with more spice & citrus than your local grocery store. Straight Up.

Common Testing: 20%-28% THC



Our sample 8th was one big beautiful nug. It was very bright green with tropical orange hairs speckled around. The tropical fruit flavor that hit me upon popping the lid smelled like I opened a smoothie lid not a cannabis bottle. The nug itself was in pristine condition, not squished at all, it looked freshly nipped from what must have been one glorious cannabis plant. Not only did it look good, but this nug felt high end too. Just a little snap to the stem, a bit of crisp in squishing but mostly dense feeling and of course, trichome finger glue if you don't use a grinder.

I am very happy to say that this Jack Herer phenotype lived up to the best of its heritage.

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Cascadia Gardens is a family owned & operated recreational cannabis Producer/Processor in Bellingham, WA. They specialize in growing high grade premium cannabis and are becoming more recognized for their world-class extractions. Cascadia Gardens uses various extraction techniques including hydrocarbon extractions (shatter or waxes), cold-separation CO2 extraction, and their very own solvent-free method known as HTFSA (High Terpene Full Spectrum Absolute). Not only that, Cascadia Gardens is one of the only producer/processors on the I502 cannabis market to offer The Terps- cannabis derived terpenes. Available at The Novel Tree- ask your budtender. Some of Cascadia Garden's exclusive strains are Bear OG, The Jack, The Grapefruit, The Candy, Strawberry Banana, Sunset Sherbet, Purple Trainwreck, and Dirty Girl.