New Strains from Falcanna Cannabis!


The quality of flower coming from the Olympic Peninsula grower Falcanna is nothing short of astounding. Not only does it smoke well, the vibrant crystal-speckled buds shine with absolute radiance. Since coming onboard at The Novel Tree nearly a year ago, Falcanna cannabis has become a favorite among guests and budtenders. It’s really that good!

Without further ado, we present 4 new strain arrivals from Falcanna, with profiles from the growers themselves. Thanks Falcanna!


Sweet Diesel

75% Indica / 25% Sativa

“Sweet Diesel is a cross between Island Sweet Haze and Sour Diesel. Sweet Diesel buds have climbing sparkly calyxes and pale hairs. Sticky when ground, make sure you don't roll your joints too tight with this one. The flavor is very similar to it's lineage of Sour Diesel and the high comes on quickly and gains speed for some time before plateauing for a mellow high that is relaxing. One or two more little puffs at this point and you'll probably start feeling sleepy! We like Sweet Diesel for an after dinner smoke that is more positive and mellow than contemplative.”


Royal Grape

75% Indica / 25% Sativa

“Royal Kush crossed with Grape Ape. Both the smell and taste of the inhale is undeniably like grape soda. This indica dominant strain has a nice body vibe that floats casually up to relieve the stresses of modern day life. She’s a real looker with bright orange pistols sprouting from petite purple calyxes made lavender by a heavy frosting of trichomes.”


Tree Octopus

20% Indica / 80% Sativa

“Tree Octopus is a cross between Candy Kush and Diesel Thai and is a very focusing and uplifting flower when burned. The buds are nice and dense with a great trichome count. Expect this flower to have an earthier version of a diesel-like scent and a flavor that combines notes of sweet and sour citrus fruits. Make sure you have something to do, it can be a very energizing cultivar. Tree Octopus was named after the legend of the tree octopi that are said to inhabit the very rainiest river valleys on the west slope of the Olympic Peninsula, where it rains so much the trees never dry out. The name is Justin's idea and Bethany just couldn't tell him no...”


Candy Queen

30% Indica / 70% Sativa

“Candy Queen is a cross between Candy Kush and Space Queen. With hints of hibiscus and fresh cut pears, this relaxing, clear-headed sativa-dominant hybrid emanates chill vibes and seems made for bright days. Offering a mental clarity that enables activity, it also provides a body high that is relaxing without being heavy. This strain both looks and smells deeply minty, with a heavy coat of frosting and an exhale that is very light and sweet.”