Welcoming Falcanna Cannabis!

Here's the lowdown on all of Falcanna's delectable strains, from the growers themselves.


Dutch Haze

90% Sativa / 10% Indica

●     Taste Description: Sour Lemon with a Funky Heavy Fuel 

●     Smell Description: Gas/Fruity/Citrus Aroma 

●     High Description: Energizing and Productive Head High 

●     Medicinal Uses: Pain Relief, Fatigue, Restless Leg, Attention/Focus 

"Dutch Haze is one of Falcanna's flagship cannabis strains for the last 8 years.  Dutch Haze is a cross Falcanna bred of the classic Silver Haze and Dutch Treat.  The Dutch Haze has an unmistakable earthy/citrus aroma with a heavy lemony/fuel taste and makes you instantly energized after consumption. Dutch Haze is a high-octane strain and is popular with people who smoke before working out or partaking in difficult physical work. The pungent smoke is almost greasy and will burn your eyes like hash smoke! Lung expanding and heavy, Dutch Haze is most likely to be enjoyed by the experienced smoker. She is difficult to grow, is picky with her nutrients and is very stretchy, growing like a vine. But with ample netting for support and just the right care she produces prodigious harvests of the stickiest and smelliest buds imaginable."




25% Indica / 75% Sativa

●     Taste Description: Candy Sweet, Skunk and Sugar Exhale 

●     Smell Description: Richly Sweet and Sour 

●     High Description: Energizing Thoughtful and Happy Trippy High 

●     Medicinal Uses: Depression and Fatigue 

"Our cutting of Jack Herer came to us many years ago from Southern Oregon. This cut was a local favorite in a small community there and was kept alive for many seasons before we got it as a gift from a new medical patient from the region, back when we operated a medical dispensary in 2013. Jack Herer was of course the famous Cannabis activist who fought for decades for decriminalization (if you haven't read 'The Emperor Wears No Clothes’written by Herer, do yourself a favor and find a copy!). We gratefully accepted the clone and fell in love with the sugary flavors and uplifting high. She likes a very low level of nutrients in her root zone, but still flowers quickly into very dense exceedingly sticky buds with a great leaf:calyx ration. This strain became one of our favorites to grow and the bud is fun to enjoy in a morning smoke session with moderation. Just a couple tokes until evening mind you, a full joint to yourself of our Jack and you'll feel the intensity of her potent ancestry, blending sativa head buzz with heavy indica undertones."


Orange Blossom

60% Indica / 40% Sativa

●     Taste Description: Sweet Vanilla Inhale With Potent Citrus Exhale 

●     Smell Description: Intense Citrus, Orange, Tangy, Lemony 

●     High Description: Middle of The Road - Even Split Body/Mind 

●     Medicinal Uses: Stress/Anxiety, Appetite Stimulator, Focus 

"Orange Blossom is one of Falcanna's top selling cannabis strains.  Orange Blossom is a true hybrid cross of Orange Bud and OG Kush that leans slightly toward Indica but provides an even mix of Sativa and Indica traits.  She has small leaves and grows leggy in early flower but finishes in just over 8 weeks producing big aromatic buds almost aglow with pastel colors, beautifully curling pistols and playful running calyxes. As the strain's name suggests, Orange Blossom has a sweet pungent Orange/Citrus aroma & taste, more an orange creamsicle than sour tangerine, that makes you instantly happy after smoking it.  Falcanna's Orange Blossom is a good strain for mood relaxation, inspiration, and general productivity. A great strain to take on a day of adventure." 




70% Sativa / 30% Indica

●     Taste Description: Lemon-Citrus, Spicy/Sweet Mint, Fuel 

●     Smell Description: lightly Citrus / Skunky, Incense Spice 

●     High Description: Mellow Energizing & Uplifting Cerebral High 

●     Medicinal Uses: Depression, Anxiety, Pain, Fatigue, Eye Pressure 

"Diesel Thai is a Sativa dominant hybrid, with complex citrus and spice candy smell and inhale before a fuely incense or sandal wood tinged exhale, and has a thoughtful energetic sativa high. Lacking the anxious buzz of many sativas, the uplifting high of this hybrid includes a balancing mellowness.  A favorite of Justin (Master Grower), who reports an inquisitive feeling, introspective, and thoughtful high.  We were gifted a cutting of the Diesel Thai by a friendly old hippie living in the most remote areas of the Olympic Peninsula (The Hoko). He said the cross was an old Thai-stick seed he kept stashed away that grew into a male crossed with a Sour Diesel cutting he got that originated in the east coast. While we operated a grow supply store between 2012 and 2016 we were privileged to try many varieties of good bud, and this friendly old man and his homegrown creation was a stand out for its potency and complex flavors and high."




80% Indica / 20% Sativa

●     Taste Description: Sweet & Sour Skunk, Hints of Mint, 'Kushy' 

●     Smell Description: Delicate & Sour Skunky 'Kush' Aroma 

●     High Description: Balanced, Relaxing & Soothing Body/Head High, Aphrodisiac

●     Medicinal Uses: Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Migraines 

"Pacific Blue is one of Falcanna's premier strains and its genetics are exclusive to the Falcanna family.  Pacific Blue is an indica-dominant (80%) hybrid cross of (Pre-'98 Bubba Kush x DJ Short BlueBerry) backcrossed to Pre-'98 Bubba Kush.  Pacific Blue has a smell that is a mix of musk and mint. She has a very strong pepper and earth flavor that brings you back to the ‘Kush’ hype of the 1990's in California. Pacific Blue affects different people in different ways, but generally yields a very balanced high and makes you happy immediately after smoking it.  Falcanna's Pacific Blue is a good strain for mood relaxation, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, migraine headaches and stomach issues. This light blueish bud with its smooth smoke and well-balanced high is our gold standard for quality and comparison of new genetics. When we smoke at home 8 out of 10 times it is Pacific Blue in the bowl. Many women and quite a few men have reported back to us that a heightened desire for intimacy should be included in the strain's high description." 


Timber Kush

90% Indica / 10% Sativa

●     Taste Description: Caramel Inhale with Caramel/Fuel Exhale 

●     Smell Description: Sweet & Skunky Caramel Aroma, Brie Cheese 

●     High Description: Heavy Indica Euphoric Head High 

●     Medicinal Uses: Pain Relief, Insomnia, Hyperactivity, Attention Span 

"Timber Kush has heavy Indica-dominant genes that result from crossing OG Master Kush with Cream Caramel (Maple Leaf x White Rhino). Timber Kush has a pungent creamy inhale with a lung expanding caramel or creme brûlée flavored exhale.  Time and again this bud has proven to be heavy lidded and calmly introspective. Activities to do while smoking Timber Kush include: Sitting on the couch, laying down, not finishing a movie, and sleeping."