Let's talk ladies–in honor of Mother's Day!

As store owners and budtenders, we have the fortune of seeing a large variety of people every single day.  With the cannabis industry growing and evolving, we've continued to witness the diversity of people change and increase.  Each day, we are seeing more mothers, daughters and grandmothers walking into our stores. We are constantly working to provide answers and education. We also offer many different options for every type of recreational and medicinal user. 

There are so many options and amazing products out there - that women can use and apply into their daily lives without physically smoking. We wanted to create this post to show off some of our favorite products and that we know you and your mom would love.

Happy Mother's Day from the Novel Tree! 

Photos by Mandee Rae Photography

Photos by Mandee Rae Photography

Our Top Suggested Strains
for this Mother's Day! 

Hybrid: White Romulan :: TH. Sea

Combination of Romulan & The White this is a well-balanced, happy, giggly hybrid. Great way to relieve stress off a long day from work. 

Sativa: Cinex :: Clandestine

A cross between Cinderella 99 & Vortex - you can expect a clear-headed, fun and uplifting high with focus. Positive mind set, and creative stimulating energy. 

Indica: Granddaddy Purple (GDP) :: Green Acres Pharm

Mmm... this is a potent and pungent grape aroma from this bud. Although not the heaviest indica bud for a GDP, it'll give you a soft relaxed focused high without putting you into the couch. Letting Mom relax without melting! 



Fairwinds 1oz FLOW
We can't rave enough about this one. The FLOW CBD Deep Tissue & Joint Gel is a fast-acting and powerful topical designed to penetrate the skin for quick and direct pain relief in muscles and joints. Anti-inflammatory properties in CBD could potentially help alleviate pain caused from things like muscle tension, muscle spasms and even arthritis.

Bad cramps? During that time of the month, my cramps can be debilitating. I apply FLOW over the surface of my stomach for cramps and within 10-15 minutes, my cramps are often less painful or gone. This has been a life-saver for me! I haven't relied on any type of medications for my cramp pains since. 

My 1oz container has also lasted for over 6 months already, and doesn't look even half way empty yet. It is a long-lasting, high quality product. - Mandee 


Fairwinds Feminine Relief  :: Vaginal Suppository

Fairwinds just came out with a new feminine relief suppository. They designed this product to give relief for daily, and monthly pain. Often working with 10-15 minutes, and effects lasting for at least 4-8 hours. 

Verdelux Bon-Bombs: *Budtender favorite*
These are dangerously delicious. They come in 10pieces /10mg (100mg packs), or individuals of 10mg. Available in milk chocolate and mint chocolate. 

Moxey's Mints 100mg: *Crowd favorite*
This incredibly discreet, easy to eat treat will be your mom's new favorite mint. The tin contains 20 mints each with 5mg of THC. Flavors include Hybrid Cinnamon & CBD Ginger & CBD Peppermint. CBD Packs are 5mg CBD to 1mg THC perfect for subtle & discreet pain relief.

Nirvana Sweets Jamrocks
Not the type of hard candies your grandmother makes - these are infused with premium hash oil with 4 different flavors. Grape, Lemonade, Pina Colada and Kiwi Strawberry. Grab a movie, and hand over the jamrocks! 

Zoots Kookie Dough
Fully- baked & ready-to-eat blondie bites filled with 10mg of THC in packs of 10 or 2. You'll never want to eat regular cookie dough again.  

Surprise Mom with a new pipe, or glass jar for her supplies. We have an assortment of glass in different sizes and colors. Different style pipes and even silicone based bongs! 


Another product for her; a great anniversary present for your partner or a present to treat herself.

The sensual oil everyone is talking about. This oil has raving reviews online from couples and women. For centuries, cannabis has been used to elevate erotic appetite, increased arousal and amplify sexual sensations.  

The oil's effects reportedly kick in about 30 minutes after application. You can purchase a 1-time sample (14mg) application in our store, or a 150mg bottle.


BTW! :  Our new medical facility is open, it is right-next door to our current recreational building. We are open Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm, Saturday 10am - 3pm, and closed on Sundays.

1817 130th Ave NE Suite C, Bellevue, WA 98005

Thanks for reading! Tell us your favorite product and your experiences!