Phat Panda

With irreverent strain names like Indecent Proposal, Haterade and Mob Wife, Phat Panda is ok with ruffling feathers. We say go for it!

A relative newcomer to The Novel Tree, our partnership with cannabis producer Phat Panda was a long time in the making. Phat Panda grows weed on a scale not often seen among top-shelf producers, with extensive state-of-the-art indoor farms. Consistently crystally and dank, one look at their flower and you’ll understand how they have garnered such a massive following.

A big contributor to the I-502 economy, they now employ over 450 people. The company was originally founded in 2014 by Katrina and Robert McKinley with a relatively small crew of 30.

Phat Panda invests heavily in streamlining their business practices and relationships with area dispensaries. They developed an innovative Panda Portal for shops to order securely, and maintain safe and sound transactions. This peace of mind goes a long ways!

Popular Phat Panda Strains

Haterade, Indecent Proposal, Mob Wife, Tropicanna Cookies, Grand Daddy Purple, OG Kush, Green Crack.