Phobruary: The Top 3 Pho Spots in Bellevue!

There are few things better on a chilly day than a big bowl of Pho.

The top 3 Pho restaurants as voted by The Novel Tree’s Budtenders!

Pho Ever:

This place is a hop and skip from The Novel Tree. A member of our back of house staff reported he could drive to Pho Ever, get seated and order in under 10 minutes! They tend to get pretty packed during the lunch rush, but there’s plenty of seating and they get orders out incredibly fast. Looking for veggie pho? That would be #29 on the menu! Fresh broccoli is abundant and they don’t skimp on the noodles. No Sriracha tinctures here unfortunately :)


Square Lotus:

Located in Factoria, Square Lotus is well worth the drive. Boasting a massive menu, this family-run establishment has been a mainstay of the Bellevue pho scene for some time now. Somehow they’ll always remember you and your usual order, despite the throngs of people that find their way here. If you’re feeling like noodles without the broth, try out the Vermicelli Noodle Bowls! It comes with a side of sweet and savory sauce, just put it right over the top and dig in.


Pho All Day:

Located about a 5 minute drive from The Novel Tree in downtown Bellevue, Pho All Day delivers on that promise. With a huge dining room, you can always find a booth to tuck into and while away the afternoon over a warm bowl of Pho. Curiously, CNN is always playing on the wall mounted TV. Catch up on the day’s news? Why not! Pho All Day is located in one of the few buildings left over from yesteryear in Bellevue, going there kind of feels like a blast from the past. Their Pho is exceptional and the bowls are huge!