Plantworks Cakewalk Strain Review

As soon as I ground up the Cakewalk bud from Plantworks, I was hit with this amazing aroma that was rich and sweet. The strain’s name immediately made sense to me.

Cakewalk Hybrid | Total Cannabinoids 22.6% | Heavy Body High, Slight Head High


Within my first few tokes I could tell I was in for an experience. It was very strong, just like everything that I’ve tried from Plantworks. The effects came on quickly and intensely, and I immediately sunk into the couch. Relaxation quickly gave way to sleepiness and I was able to fall asleep earlier than normal, which was a nice change as I actually got a good night sleep. I have been incredibly impressed with everything I have tried from Plantworks - From their heavy and infamous True OG, to their amazing CBD options Lemon Stash and Lazy Susan. Plantworks has been a great addition to both the Recreational and Medical sides of The Novel Tree, as their focus on consistency and quality matches our own.

- Matt Kovarsky