Puffin Farm


Puffin Farm is an I502 cannabis Producer / Processor located near Ellensburg, in Kittitas County, Washington State. Puffin Farm grows all for flavor. They create exceptional quality cannabis that connoisseurs especially will appreciate. It has some of the most prominent terpene profiles across their line of strains. Puffin produces all natural, sustainable, sun grown cannabis. All of their bud undergoes a slow cold cure. You may notice on the packaging that the date is a few months prior to purchase. This is because the team at Puffin takes their time with the buds, giving them the proper hang dry, dry trim, followed by a lengthy cold cure that continues until we order. We order small quantities to ensure minimum time is spent in packaging. Puffin's belief that "if it tastes good it feels good" is at the core of their products. No pesticides used here. Beneficial pesticides like ladybugs are deployed to control other harmful insects. Rosemary oil and neem oil are used when necessary on vegetative plants to enrich their immune systems before their path to flowering. 

Puffin Sunset