Rootworx products can currently be found in 18 stores, and they consistently turn out product every two weeks. They have four grow rooms, but are currently using less than half of the grow space that is allotted by the state. They have 13-16 strains going at any time, and more than 130 in their seed bank. Ryan is a captivating story teller and we often lost track of time as he was telling us the various interesting ways he acquired some of his strains and seeds.

Even though THC levels get tested for consistency, the Rootworx growers also evaluate plants on taste and yield. All though they have the option to get automated watering systems, Ryan and his team like to take the time to water each plant by hand. This ensures that each plant is constantly looked at and they have a good gauge on their product at all times.

The same care that goes into the plant, is reflected in all other aspects of the business. It was important to both Ryan and Paul to offer their employees full health benefits and the team seemed very happy and comfortable working together. Their facility produces zero water waste and they are testing a watering system that reduces over watering and water loss due to evaporation. Their facility could quite possibly be the “greenest” in the industry.

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