Royal Tree Gardens


With deep cultivation experience dating back to the Medical Cannabis days, the team at Royal Tree Gardens set out in 2013 with an idea and a dream.

Creating the optimal environment for cannabis to thrive is both science and intuition. From all indications, the growers at Royal Tree Gardens have hit on the perfect hybrid of both. They produce some of Washington State’s best boutique cannabis. From the plant’s initial vegetative cycle to the flowering stage, their strains receive the utmost care.

Then comes the curing process:

“To begin the curing process, dried flower is placed into smaller air-tight bins. Bins are opened periodically to allow any excess moisture and humidity to escape. At Royal Tree Gardens this is done over the course of a few weeks and sometimes can be done over the course of a few months.” 

The budtenders at The Novel Tree are always HIGHLY enthusiastic when new batches arrive from Royal Tree Gardens’ indoor Tacoma grow. Among the most popular strains, the sativa-dominant hybrid Middlefork strain is especially sought-after with it’s flavor-forward berry and citrus notes.

Look for these Royal Tree Gardens strains at The Novel Tree:

Sherbet, Do-Si-Dos, Dutch Cake, Moonwalker Kush, Middlefork, White Tahoe Cookies, Purple Skunk, LSD, Rudeboi OG, Ice Cream Cake.