What is your favorite part of working at the Novel Tree? 

I love how The Novel Tree is setting a standard. The atmosphere here is welcome to all and unlike any other shop I’ve been to.

What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being in the “weed industry”? 

The amount of products already out is surprising, and how welcoming the community is to The Novel Tree is awesome.

What is your favorite cannabis product? 

That’s hard question, I love our flower selection so far. I’ve also been loving our vegan edible selection and cartridges. I’ll get back to you!

What is your favorite activity while high? 

Playing music or hanging out with my wife, she gets me.

What Cannabis product/experience do you want to try next?

I would love to visit a cannabis farm. I also want to smoke a cigar made of cannabis one day in celebration of federal legalization. That would be awesome!

What is the biggest benefit to cannabis in your opinion? 

It’s good for the body and soul.