Save the salmon with Sea Slough and team: The Novel Tree

Save the salmon with Sea Sloughand team: 
The Novel Tree



We openly admit to being cannabis fanatics, but we don't talk enough about how much we love salmon. They are not only an icon of the PNW but an integral part of our ecosystem; and they're extremely delicious- ask an Orca. Sustaining salmon populations will sustain us humans. There's a non-profit in Washington called Long Live the Kings that has been working to restore wild salmon and steelhead and support sustainable fishing in the Pacific Northwest for more than 30 years.

This year Long Live the Kings is putting on an awesome fundraiser called "Survive the Sound" and we are swimming straight for it!


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From Survive the Sound:
Predators, disease, pollution, oh my! It’s tough in Puget Sound for steelhead. Fortunately, you can help and have some fun in the process. Join Survive the Sound and sponsor a wild steelhead we've tracked. Beginning May 7th, you will watch your fish in their 12-day migratory race to survive Puget Sound. Proceeds help Long Live the Kings restore wild salmon and steelhead, and support free classroom participation."

1. Starting NOW through May 7, go to
2. Find one of the "Join a Team" clicky link icons
3. Search for the team: The Novel Tree  - Affiliation: Cannabis Community
4. Minimum donation is $5, and an additional fish is added to the team at every $25 donated
5. Watch the 12day race starting May 7th!

All proceeds raised are collected by & support Long Live the Kings, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

Winning teams receive a 12 person dinner at Anthony's. In our case we would select 10 Novel Tree team contributors at random to receive invites to the prized winners fish dinners, see FAQs for other details. 



"Since our founding in 1986, Long Live the Kings has worked to restore wild salmon and steelhead and to support sustainable fishing. Our programs―combining on-the-ground field work with scientific innovation and broad partnerships―help decision-makers advance salmon recovery while balancing the needs of fish and people.

We are rebuilding salmon and steelhead populations in Hood Canal and Puget Sound, unraveling the mystery of low salmon survival in the Salish Sea, advancing science and retooling management throughout the Pacific Northwest."