Self-Care, Walks in the Woods and Cannabis

An increasing number of people are using cannabis or THC in combination with CBD to help combat general ailments like jet lag, cold symptoms and insomnia. But what about our spiritual and emotional wellness?

With so many healing properties THC and CBD offer the body, how could we not consider the healing properties it might offer to our emotional well-being? Spiritual and emotional health come from a state of wholeness and love of one’s self. Whatever that may encompass to a given individual, seizing the opportunity to reconnect with our inner self and pursue happiness is rejuvenating!

Let me take you on a trip of my favorite cannabis strains along with three simple ways to find center and love within yourself. I have found they are helpful for maintaining peace and balance within body and mind, which help govern emotions.


Feet on the Ground: Star Gazer Myrtle 2:1 CBD/THC

Let’s start with reconnecting with nature. Spending 15 minutes outdoors can introduce more vitamin D into the body. Along with natural light to boost our mood, a brisk walk can reduce stress and anxiety and increasing chances of a better night’s sleep.  Enjoy Star Gazer Myrtle flower prior to or just after your walk and feel your body immediately relax from the CBD, as your cares and thoughts soften and your mind begins to gaze at the stars within you. Allow your heart’s call to enjoy this moment! Think of three aspects of nature that you are truly grateful for and allow yourself to feel the love and peace swell within your body, enjoy this connection in nature and personal time. You deserve it!

Herb and Cleanse: Sunset Sherbet Indica; CBD Bath Salts

Most of us love nothing more than a glorious HOT relaxing soak, or perhaps a cascade of refreshing water pouring down on our body. The glorious effects we feel from the water combined with Sunset Sherbet and its fruity sweet flavor and calming euphoria on the body will help set your mind into a place of love for who you truly are while allowing aroma therapy to create an atmosphere for letting go.


Lavender is one of the safest and most widely used of essential oils suitable for most skin types. Also known as an antiseptic oil, it helps promote healing of the skin and relaxing brain waves in its scent. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of Lavender essential oil to your bath water or for shower diffusing 2-4 drops on a damp hot cloth, light some white candles for peace, add rose petals to your bath water for love and enjoy. CBD infused bath salt with Lavender create the same relaxing effect on the body, the scent of lavender will start your journey to letting go of thoughts or feelings that no longer serves you and allowing for forgiveness and/ or self-love by stating out loud or in your head:

“I forgive you, I love you and I trust you” 

Self-affirmations may help mitigate stress and self-sabotaging thoughts. Repeating them to your self daily can add tremendous effects to your mood, like increase happiness, confidence and less emotional reaction creating stress.


Lust for Life: Golden Ticket Sativa

This last tip has no evidence to back up its claims, only a willingness to try will it prove its effectiveness! Happiness comes from following and allowing your true heart’s desires for your life and your-self to take center stage. Whatever that may be. For me, it’s helping and serving others to find their true happiness within themselves and seeing the world for what it truly is. Stop making your happiness contingent upon future hopes and events; The time is now! Build your dreams, state your true feeling, believe that anything is possible, and ACT! When you need a little motivation, smoke some Golden Ticket, put on your favorite uplifting music, remember the miracle you are and dance!

By Sandra Stroud, Reiki Master and Spiritual Intuitive