Sriracha Tincture by Fairwinds Cannabis - Now Available!!

Sriracha release day at The Novel Tree! 

Sriracha release day at The Novel Tree! 

Looking for an awesome way to spend your 4/20 in Seattle? Head over to The Novel Tree in Bellevue to pick up the newly launched Fairwinds THC Sriracha Tincture. This cannabis oil tincture is used best as a hot sauce and the heat on this tincture is enough to make ya' sweat!  This goes great on sandwiches, tacos, seafood, noodles, broth, seriously anything you put normal Sriracha on.


This Sriracha THC Tincture is a real Pho King Hot tincture! It rates between 8,000 and 10,000 on the Scoville Scale. This is about a jalapeno spiciness if not a bit hotter, and is slightly hotter than the original Sriracha!


"Bring the heat to a new high. Crafted from an ancied and familiar recipe, we've packed the heat, flavor, and as much THC cannabis oil as we legally can into each bottle! Spice'n up your food, or for the daring, drop under your tongue and enjoy the ride. Sriracha Mi Hi!"

  • Avocado Oil Based
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan, Kosher, Non-GMO
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Add to food and beverages!


Grab a Sriracha Cannabis Tincture from The Novel Tree and don't forget to hit Bellevue's best taco truck, located right next door! Kick things up a notch this 4/20!


Welcome to the world of Fairwinds THC Sriracha Tincture. Made with organic and natural ingredients with a base of avocado oil, this tincture is a surefire way to elevate your foodie experiences. Too hot or too high?


Fairwinds Manufacturing is one of our original partners in cannabis. Fairwinds has produced many cannabis industry firsts in the legal I502 market. They produce the highest quality of medical grade cannabis and best of industry medical cannabis products (medicine!) available in the world. We have toured their facility multiple times and have witnessed their innovations, work-ethic, and high-quality standards first-hand. Their founders James and Wendy are two incredible visionaries with a profound sense of compassion. Their life's work has become creating medicine, and the testimonials speak for themselves. 

More about Fairwinds:


Traditional View. Modern Approach.

In the Fairwinds laboratory our scientists develop new products using traditional herbal formulas that have an established history of effectiveness. Many pharmaceutical drugs today are based on ancient herbal remedies. For example, aspirin is nearly identical to chemicals found in Willow tree bark, which has been used like how aspirin is used (for pain and fever) and has been for thousands of years.

Based on ancient traditions like Indian herbology (Ayurveda) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture), we use principles like Air/Fire/Water and Yin/Yang to help define the properties of cannabis, allowing us to properly blend it with other herbs to achieve a variety of synergistic effects. Ancient texts dating back thousands of years from both India and China reference cannabis and its unique benefits. We have translated these ancient references and correlated the proposed effects with modern clinical data. Through this process we have discovered multiple powerful combinations that produce results above and beyond pure cannabis, similar to observations made over 1000 years ago. However, today we have modern scientific instruments and advanced knowledge of biology, allowing us to objectively confirm these effects in clinical studies and maximize them using advanced formulation techniques to enhance absorption and bioavailability." -Fairwinds Manufacturing