Striking Oil on 710 !!

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The Novel Tree's 2018 710 Sale

Cascadia Gardens Vendor Day 3-6pm


Pearl Extracts

$25 1/2-gram Cartridges: Sour Apple & Chernobyl

$25 1/2-gram Disposable Cartridges: Strawberry Diesel


$12 1-gram Concentrates: Lavender, Plushberry & LA Confidential


JV Ranch

$25 1-gram Distillates: Gelato, Zkittles, Green Crack & Banana Kush


Cascadia Gardens

$15 1-gram Wax: Strawberry Banana

$20 1-gram Shatter: Green Crack, Strawberry Banana, Bluniverse

$20 1-gram Wax: Strawberry Gelato, Jack’s Treat & The Jack

$35 1-gram Live Resin Crystals: Dirty Girl, Snoop’s Dream & Alien Orange Cookies


Raven Grass

$30 1-gram CO2- Select Varietals & Blends - Ask a budtender for details


Double Delicious

$15 1/2-gram Carts

$15 1-gram FACOs



$45 Rocks and Sauce- Mindscape & Golden Gage (Normally $75)


$25 1/2-gram Cartridge- Barcelona Diesel, Lemon Diesel, & Stardawg




Why is 7/10 a special cannabis day? Because if you take '710', flip it & reverse it, you get: OIL! If only extracting actual cannabis oil were that easy. Cannabis extracts have come an extremely long way since the original finger hash, or charas, made for thousands of years in Asia. Simply rolling resinous buds in your fingers until you're left with clumpy hash is how charas is made. Refined cannabis extracts are the future! Now we have everything from shatter, wax, live resin, cannabinoid terpene only oil (not for dabbing! but excellent in a smoothie or joint), rocks&sauce, fully-activated-cannabis-oil or FACO (RSO, or RIck Simpson Oil, is a name for fully-activated-cannabis-oil, which means the oil has been heated or scientifically known as 'decarboxylated'), full extract cannabis oil (similar to FACO but implies the whole plant was used in the extraction instead of just the buds & flowers), and more every month it feels like. The consumption methods are just as varied as tokin flower.

For cannabis oils, the majority of users try cartridges. They are discrete, easy to use, convenient, clean, and come in a huge variety of different strain-specific varietals. At The Novel Tree, we do not sell any cartridges with artificial flavorings- only true cannabinoid terps! Prior to 2017, there was mostly one type of cartridge available- 510 threaded. These fit universal 510 threaded batteries that are interchangeable among many different cannabis oil brands. In 2018, there are more brand specific options attempting to achieve better vaping performance. These include Pax Pods, CCELL, Indigo Pro, GPen, and more.

The Novel Tree also carries a tremendous amount of CBD cannabis oil! This is not just hemp oil imports either, this is CBD-rich oil from cannabis plants grown by cannabis farmers in Washington State held to high regulatory standards for growing, processing, and packaging cannabis. Using actual cannabis for CBD-oil creates much higher potency levels and increased levels of terpenes because we are able to use flowering plants. Plus it is all lab tested & certified by Washington State licensed laboratories to ensure there are no disallowed contaminants. Unless you're purchasing lab tested CBD oil, you can't be sure the medicine you're consuming is clean, so do yourself a favor and stick with legal cannabis oil.